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Project management software over the last few years has made huge advances, most notably into the mobile circle.

Not only can you get things done at the office, but you can also leave the office and still advance your projects along by keeping communication lines open, having access to documents and information, and making assignments at long-distance.

And all of this can be done now from the palm of your hand, or two hands, or your lap, or on a table in a coffee shop.

So if you can do all that now, what will mobile project management software look like in 10 years?

One word: Lasers.

Mobile Project Management Software Predictions

Aside from the fact that our projects will be lasers, our project managers will be lasers, and our mobile devices will be lasers, mobile project management software will be more able than ever.

Even now, users of mobile software are often enjoying the same level of features and quality that they get from a full web or desktop version of the same software.

For instance, on the JobNimbus mobile app, you can create estimates, attach pictures, create and edit tasks or jobs, and more. You can even create documents using the templates you’ve created on the web.

But in 10 years that gap will be completely closed.

No longer will a mobile version of project management software be a watered down or lesser version than its web counterpart.

You’ll have full access to all features, whether you access from a native app or from a mobile web browser.

You’ll also have a lot of new features that will mean more communication, greater productivity, and heightened efficiency.

From Features to Automation

But where features will be slow to advance, automation will come to take over many of its functions.

Just as in the modern assembly line where much is automated for us, more features will be automated to where your interaction will only be necessary on the most crucial portions of each task (the execution).

Right now, you can already set up automation rules that will help cut out much of the busy work by creating new tasks or sending automatic notifications based on certain events that you define.

You can also create full documents with a click using saved templates and the information that’s already entered into your system.

But this type of automation will expand 100 fold over the next 10 years to take all types of busy work and side tasks off your plate to let you concentrate on only what’s pertinent to your job.

The Sky’s The Limit

Just imagining the advances made in the last 10 years of mobile project management software gives you a small idea of what things are in store over the next 10 years.

Get ready for a flurry of innovative ideas, exciting features, and helpful automations that will make your work day much more pleasing and powerful.

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