7 Easy Tips to Get Your Staff On Board with CRM easy-like-sunday-morningYou’re all excited about your new CRM and project management software and you can’t wait to see the results.

You start adding each team member and making sure they get the login notification, only to find that a week later no one even remembers what it is and what it does.

This is a problem. You’re not alone.

Over 50% of CRM adoptions fail within the first year, and that failure can be chalked up to a number o different reasons, and mostly not only one per failure.

Here are a few tips you can easily follow in order to get your whole team on board with your brand-spanking new CRM.

Simple user adoption techniques

1. Choose a simple solution. While you might be impressed with all the thingamabobs and doodads that you can’t even pronounce, your team will probably be a little less overwhelmed unless it’s easy to use and helps them get more done in less time (and with less busy work).

No amount of tips and tricks will help you get your team on board with CRM more than having chosen a simple, effective solution in the first place.

2. Make your team a part of the decision process. Just as you’re invested in your new CRM because you’ve been with it since the beginning, your team will also find a lot more meaning in the software if they have a say in it.

You’re calling the shots, but they’re going to be on the front lines of using the software daily.

3. Set an example. As with any leadership position, you have to lead by example.

You need to be in the system daily, learning the in’s and out’s, before you can even think about pushing it on someone else.

And, by being in the system, you’ll be in a much better position to answer questions and help find solutions to help your team learn to love the CRM too.

4. Provide or participate in training. However simple the CRM and project management software may be, each one has its own quirks, tricks, and methods.

Training will help your team get the basic knowledge it needs in order to move forward and get things done without all the confusion.

5. Hold team workshops to learn together. It’s much easier to make sure that everyone is on the same page if you hold workshops to talk about how the software will be used.

Everyone can ask questions, see how it works, try it out for themselves, and hopefully even come up with ideas for how to use the software even better.

Remember, getting input from the front lines can be critical to both a successful adoption and for assuring better data in the long run.

CRM Gamification

6. Make using the CRM a game. Yeah, that’s right. Gamification has been shown to increase adoption in software across the board. Heck, it’s what keeps you up all night playing Halo after all these years, right?

Reward those employees that are getting the most out of the new software, have them share their tricks, and provide incentives to other employees for them to achieve big.

7. Explain to them the ‘why?’. Why did you get a CRM in the first place? What was wrong with the old method? Why do I have to waste time filling out all these fields when I just want to sell?

If you explain to your team why you’ve chosen to get CRM, they will have a much easier time accepting it for what it is and finding ways to use it more effectively.

Especially if they’re invested in the growth and culture of the company, this will help win over naysayers.

Make it fun, make it worth their time

One reality that exists in this life is that higher up’s in every company will always be more excited than the ones further down the chain. It’s usually because they have more invested in the success of the business.

If your team doesn’t see a point to all this beyond, “it’s good for business,” they may see it as a form of job security, but nothing more.

So make it worth their time. Make using the CRM fun and make it rewarding for each of them, not just in terms of performance, but in terms of raw usage.

If a team member is using the software, they deserve recognition and praise. They deserve to have a CRM that is working for them to make their jobs easier and lighter. They deserve a tool that helps them do better at what they do, not something that holds them down.

Make it a joint venture and all will go well.

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