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It’s unfortunate, but in marketing there are words that become utterly meaningless. Usually the basic, descriptive words like “best,” “tastiest,” or “smoothest” are the first ones to go.

They become meaningless for two reasons.

1. You hear them everywhere (it’s really hard to believe that every single hamburger out there is the best one.)

2. Marketers use them even when it’s not really true (ever tried a hamburger that a marketer told you was delicious only to find it blatantly average?)

CRM and Project Management Software buzzwords

Marketers of CRM and project management software end up being offenders of this as well, throwing all kinds of fancy buzzwords at you to see what gets you to click.

Everything from “easy,” to “fast,” to “powerful.” These words are on every CRM and project management software’s website. But they can’t all be the easiest, fastest, and most powerful; that’s just illogical.

So what’s someone looking for this type of software to believe? Where’s the differentiating factor? Which CRM really is simple enough for them?

And that’s the real issue here. A lot of CRM and project management software really isn’t as simple as their website would like you to think.

They might have extremely powerful software, but wrapping your head around how to take hold of that power will probably end up in more headaches than it’s worth.

But… JobNimbus says they’re “simple”

We do indeed. And we’re proud of it.

Because when we say that JobNimbus is simple, we’re not just pulling the first buzzword that comes to our heads.

When we say that JobNimbus is simple, it’s because we’ve poured more time into planning how to make the software as easy as possible for you to use than we have on anything else in JobNimbus.

And while JobNimbus doesn’t have the lengthy feature lists of some software out there, it is that way because of a combination of our combined efforts and our philosophy of paring down the software to the most necessary form.

We’ve spent hours upon hours poring over each and every feature, design, and implementation in an attempt to truly unlock the digital manifestation of simplicity.

Making real simple CRM and project management software

We’re out to make real simple software for you to manage your contacts, jobs, tasks, and more.

No more of this marketing jargon, no more false advertising, no more misleading adjectives that sound pretty.

We get down and dirty to make sure that you have the best, simplest software around in order to run your business.

Because your business is no laughing matter to us. We take your work very seriously and know that you need a solution that won’t get in your way when you most need it to be invisible, and one that will be at the ready in the hour you most need it.

Because we know you want the real deal, and not 6 letters of buttery text to make you feel better about the disaster you’re about to fall into.

Because when we say simple CRM and project management software, we mean it.

Because simple is our goal and our philosophy which governs every decision that we make here at JobNimbus.

Because we care.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

But don’t take our word for it. Try it.

You get a 14-day free trial, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee, plus our excellent support staff, plus our word to follow through on our promise of simplicity.

If JobNimbus doesn’t meet your expectations or needs for simplicity, we’ll give you a full refund and help you look for something that might work for you.

What have you got to lose but headaches and a fun time looking through buzz-word filled Google search results?

Try JobNimbus

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