Focusing on the End Goal with Live Reports

I’ve worn glasses ever since I was getting punched in the face. For me, that’s a long time (1st grade, to be exact).

I don’t have any conscious memory of being able to see the world around me clearly without the help of corrective lenses.

Even now, if I want to look at the palm of my hand, I have to put it 4 inches away from my face to see every detail. Forget about reading anything in the next room!

But a couple of weeks ago, I watched something that pretty much changed my life.

Small Holes Make Big Windows

I’ve seen videos of people hearing sound for the first time, and you can certainly feel good for them. But until you’re in their chair, you won’t know exactly what it’s like to feel that sensation.

I got a taste of that sheet bliss when I watched a video about seeing clearly without glasses.

The method is actually very simple: you make a pin hole with your finger and you look through it like a lens.

If you have glasses, try it right now. You might freak out.

I was able to look from my bedroom into the office across the hall and see each book on the bookshelf. I couldn’t read the titles, but just seeing that clearly at such a distance for me was a miracle.

This method works because essentially removes all the other light that is fighting to get through your eye, and only allows the direct light through so you can focus on the one image in view.

The principle doesn’t just work for the vision impaired, but it also serves as a good tool for managing your projects as well.

Focusing on the most important piece of the project

When you look through a pin hole, you have tunnel vision.

There’s nothing else around to distract you from the one goal, your focus.

Sometimes we get too caught up in the white noise of life that we lose sight, or our vision is blurred. We need to pull everything back or block it out until we can see a clear path to success.

Business goals and live reports

One great way to block out the noise is to create and use specific live reports for each of your business goals.

Let’s say your goal is to decrease labor time on a certain type of job, as you’ve been going over your time estimates as of late.

You could use a live reporting tool in project management software to see all the completed jobs of that type where the estimated time is less than the actual time logged on the job.

This would help you see which jobs were the culprits and diagnose where the slowdowns came from.

Taking another example, what if you wanted to increase sales for a certain customer lead source in a marketing ramp up. Using a lead source report and filtering to that new source will help you see if your dollars are really making sense or not.

Live reports help you see what is happening now, not everything else that just clouds your vision.

You want to know how you’re doing, what can be improved, and set goals for the future. Live reports is the tool to help you get that done without losing track of the end goal.

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