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There’s an epidemic ocurring in the CRM ad space. That of CRM vendors offering “free” or “cheap” CRM software as their main (and sometimes only) selling point.

Let me tell you why this is bad.

CRM is more complex than that

While you might go to an event because they’re handing out free ice cream cones, this isn’t the same as signing up for CRM software because it’s free or cheap.

Free ice cream can be smack dab in the so-so side, but because it’s free you can probably forgive it; especially since most kids have very low quality standards.

But this is a temporary treat that will help you save some money in the short term.

The key difference is that CRM is more complex and much longer term than that.

While jumping into any CRM at no cost to you can save you money during trial periods or while you probe the waters, this can’t be the basis for a meaningful long-term solution.

More than free, look for ROI

CRM software is about finding a lasting solution that will improve your organization overall and help you gain more leads, nurture them better, retain them longer, and grow faster.

If a CRM can provide you those benefits at a significant quantity, than almost any CRM at any price will pay for itself over time.

Of course there are reasons to find good deals on your CRM purchases, and cutting costs is part of the CRM package.

You aren’t investing to pay more out of pocket just to look at a computer screen all day. But, at the same time, you need to be willing to shell out something of value in order to get an even greater return.

I’m not saying free CRM software is bad or can’t provide value. There are plenty of software packages that you can get for free to help improve your professional experience.

Heck, we even offer a free Personal package ourselves, so we certainly aren’t against free CRM software.

But you shouldn’t ever go into the CRM market looking for good deals from the get-go.

If you’re doing that, you’re missing the entire point and it’s off to Customer Relationship Management 101 with you.

Look at how you can improve your business first

When looking for CRM software, ask yourself, “how will this help me and my team succeed, improve, and excel?” and, “what is required of us to make that happen?”

Find out what tools you need, if your team is capable of adapting to the software, and then find a price that you’re comfortable with.

The end result will be much greater and your appreciation for CRM will be much higher.

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