How to Build a Mouth-Watering Plate of Services Taco Plate Image

I love tacos.

In fact, I love a lot of Latin American food. Partly because of my time living there, but mostly because it’s delicious.

And I love all kinds of tacos. Even Taco Bell tacos, which aren’t even “real” tacos, are delicious to the taste. Can’t get enough of them.

But the best plates are always made by natives a lo tradicional, the traditional way.

Some things don’t need to change.

A lot of times we find ourselves trying to reinvent the wheel, when most times the answer to greatness has already proven the test of time, forged to greatness year after year.

If you walk into any house in Latin America, they’ll cook you the simplest mix of tortillas, rice, beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, chicken, beef, and more.

But this classic combination becomes the stuff of greatness when it all comes together on one plate.

I mean, my mouth is watering just typing about this stuff!

Break your services down into bite-sized pieces, then spread them around.

One of the great things about a plate of nachos is that everyone can join in with something specifically for them. You get a little bit of something in each bite, appreciating each part while enjoying the whole.

Take your services and build around them. Don’t be content with just selling chicken. Sell the cheese too, and the tortilla chips.

Give them options, but not too much as to overwhelm.

Build them some power-packing combinations like pico de gallo or guacamole, where the sum is much greater than its parts.

For instance, if you do roofing, find out what else people need and build a service for it.

If that means putting up and taking down Christmas lights in the winter, or cleaning out gutters, then you’ve instantly given your plate a perfect dollop of sour cream to top everything off.

Make them come back for more.

I’ve been on a Mexican food binge for the past 2 months, and it’s one I hope to never shake.

And, while you might not own a taco truck or restaurant, you can build your services like a traditional taco plate – all the right ingredients, built to last and make you hungrier for more.

You have a product or service that people want or need. Find out how you can meet even more of their needs by offering the side dishes and fixings to accompany your already great service.

Instead of “adios,” make sure your parting words are always, “¡nos vemos!” (see you later.)

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