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For all the CRMs that exist in the world today, there still remains a large segment of people in search for a simple, lightweight CRM that does just the right amount of what they need without all the fluff.

In fact (and rightly so), those in search of CRM aren’t looking for something that will make their lives more complicated or bloated.

They are looking for a fixed set of abilities that will be easy to execute on a daily basis to improve their workflow, free up time, and grow their business.

But the vast majority of CRM software out there is by definition bloated. While they are powerful and have amazingly helpful features, the majority of those who need CRM aren’t looking for all that and just want the bare bones to get the job done.

That’s why we’ve built JobNimbus to mold to your workflow, not the other way around.

Small Things Become Great with Simple CRM

Some people are just looking for a place to store their contacts and interactions with them, then be able to search and report on those things.

All of that is available on just about any CRM, but not all CRM are created equal and the level of effort required to complete simple tasks can be daunting on some platforms.

When you have 15 required fields before being able to save a new contact into the system, you know you have a big problem.

Of course, quality control and data completeness are great things, but they shouldn’t be required for every company, small business, ma & pa shop, or even single user.

Sometimes you just need the basics like a first name, or a company name, or maybe just a Skype ID. This is where lightweight CRM excels, because it gives the user the power to build their CRM and database to their needs.

Flexibility is Power

Being lightweight doesn’t have to mean less power, less options, and less usefulness.

It means flexibility and freedom, which gives you more power over your process and workflow; more power over the machine that moves your business forward.

JobNimbus is powerful enough to do pretty much anything you can imagine, but nimble enough to let you do less when that’s all you really want.

More CRM for Less

Full-featured CRM brimming with abilities are a dime a dozen, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap.

If you’re looking for lightweight CRM, you’re also looking to skip the exorbitant fees that some of them charge (not just monthly, but setup, training, support, you name it.)

With JobNimbus, we know you’re looking for a solution to help your business grow, and charging you more will drive you further away from achieving that goal.

That’s why we charge a flat fee of $25 / user / month, no setup fee, no support fees, no hidden fees, no contracts, no funny business.

You need lightweight CRM? We’ve got it; in feature set, requirements, and in price.

If you haven’t already and you’re on the lookout for lightweight CRM, give JobNimbus a try today. I guarantee you’ll find exactly what you need.

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