Your Process Will Feel At Home in JobNimbus

Many people who are looking for project management software often find themselves asking the question: will it work for my current process?

When you think about it, it’s kind of a silly question. Why wouldn’t project management software work for any process?

But the reality is that the majority of software out there forces you to stay with a strict set of points in a fixed process that is generally not parallel with the one you have established at your company.

But we’ve made JobNimbus different.

For Everything, There’s a Process

In everything you do, there’s a right and a wrong way to do things (but don’t tell your husband/wife that).

It takes hard work, determination, trial and many errors to get to a process that is the most fool-proof and highest performing for your business.

We know about all that hard work that you’ve done, which is why we built a way for you to translate your own process directly into JobNimbus.

Custom Workflows for Any Process

Our custom workflow system is built around types and statuses. When you work with customers, you have ways to compartmentalize those clients and the work you do for them into different categories, or types.

These types are the first line of your process, and you can set up any number of different types for both contacts and jobs. But the customization doesn’t stop there.

From here, you can set up different workflows with unique statuses for each workflow. And just as you might have a different process for each contact or job, these workflows (or processes) can then be assigned to different types.

That way, as you move a lead through the sales process or as you add a new job for a customer, you can manage that contact or job using the unique type and accompanying workflow that matches your current process.

Don’t Change on Our Account

Your process is yours, you own it, you know it, you’ve trained your team to use it, and you’ve proved that it works. We don’t want to change it one bit.

With JobNimbus, you don’t have to. Just set up your types, statuses, and workflows and then start working again with the same process on a more efficient platform than ever before.

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