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My wife and I were just watching Cake Boss, one of our favorite shows, when one of their ovens broke down.

Well, it didn’t exactly break down. One of the shelves in the 36-sheet cake oven got out of alignment and wasn’t allowing the rotary oven to, well, rotate.

The show’s hero, Buddy, grabbed a 2×4 and started pushing on the shelf to get it back into alignment. This is the old school method that can work sometimes, but in this case it didn’t fix the problem.

What Buddy really needed was a trained professional to get him up and running again.

Job Management Software: Old School Meets New School

You might still work in the old school, and that’s not uncommon. A lot of people still work with post-it notes, white boards, even rotary dial phones.

Heck, even Buddy of Cake Boss, as famous as he is, still uses paper for every order and delivery.

But the old school isn’t without it’s problems and inefficiencies. In fact, it can be riddled with them.

Try getting a team member across town or even across cubicles to see what you have written about a new lead on a sticky note on your computer. Unless they have eyes like eagles, they won’t see it.

That’s where the new school comes in. Software built on a modern foundation, made specifically to take over where the old school couldn’t reach.

Job management software can do this and more for you. It can help you get your jobs done faster and more efficiently than ever. It can give you the tools to share, collaborate, notify, announce, and work together to get things done.

You can manage and assign out all your tasks, track changes and advancements across your different open projects, and get a 360 degree view of your entire operation just by opening up an app on the web or on your mobile device.

Go Back to (New) School

I can’t emphasize enough that now is the time to go back to the new school and start excelling with job management software.

No need to take your backpack, pencils, paper, erasers, or protractors. Everything you need is right at your fingertips either online or on mobile.

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