What CRM Can't Do For You

Most often, we find ourselves talking a whole lot about the benefits of CRM and how CRM can increase your sales.

Rare is the occasion when we have a blunt conversation on the things that CRM simply can’t do for you.

And now you’re thinking to yourself, “what do you mean? I thought CRM could do anything I wanted!” And you’re right, but there’s one thing that CRM can’t do for you.

CRM Can’t Adopt Itself

That’s right, no matter how advanced your customer relationship management software is, you’re not going to be able to sit on the sidelines and reap all the benefits.

CRM software adoption can be tough. In fact, if you do end up with a successful adoption, you’ll be part of a minority, a choice few.

Learning and implementing CRM will probably feel a lot like work. You have to figure out your process, get your customizations set up, learn the interface, teach it to other team members, and assure that the process can run smoothly in the self-contained bubble.

Most companies don’t make it, and that’s sad.

They’re missing out on some truly amazing benefits that can’t be had anywhere else.

But, despite this gloomy picture I’ve painted, it isn’t a “survival of the fittest” type scenario, nor is it all just based on arbitrary natural selection.

How to succeed in CRM adoption

The first thing you should know is that it isn’t necessarily you that’s the problem. If the CRM has a 50% adoption rate, then you can safely assume that there is something wrong with the CRM.

Either it’s not simple enough, or it has too many features, or the support isn’t there when you need it. Or, it might just not be he right CRM for your company.

Whatever the reason, you need to find the correct software that will not only meet your feature needs, but one that will be at your level of tech-savvy (considering your entire team).

Once you have the right CRM, you need to learn it. If you need, take advantage of every training opportunity, every webinar, every page of documentation, support channels, blogs, and anything else you can find.

Your success depends heavily on your drive to learn how to use your CRM on a daily basis.

Finally, the last part of your job is to use the darn thing. It might be frustrating at the beginning. You may even want to send your computer on a one-way trip to the street two stories below.

Don’t give up. Keep communication lines open between your team members and your CRM providers. Remove any road blocks before they become collapsed bridges.

There are so many benefits to using CRM software, and they only grow over time as your database grows.

Take the time to make CRM work for you and don’t believe that it will work itself out. Help your CRM help you.

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