Introducing JobNimbus Laundry

A new way to keep your uniforms clean, soft, and scented… even on the go.

Our goal at JobNimbus has always been to make your life easier. Everything we make is built to help you cut down on wasted time and focus on the work that really matters.

That’s why today we’re proud to introduce something we’ve been working on for a long time, and we know you’ll love it.

Introducing JobNimbus Laundry

JobNimbus Laundry is not your neighborhood laundromat. In fact, it’s unlike any garment cleaning service in existence today.

Gone are the days of gathering your dirty clothes, taking them to a washer and dryer while articles fall along the way, and then having to fold and iron when everything is finally clean.

JobNimbus Laundry is an automatic, intelligent solution that turns this routine and boring chore into an amazing work of art.

In fact, JobNimbus Laundry is so intelligent that you don’t even need to separate colors! It all happens in the cloud automatically. It’s like magic!

Here are a few of the key components of JobNimbus Laundry:

  • Instant Photo Upload. Just take a pic of your laundry using the JobNimbus mobile app for iOS or Android and it will upload to our servers instantly for cleaning.
  • Custom Wash/Dry Settings. Your laundry process is unique to you and your business. We want to make sure your clothing is how you want it, which is why we’ve added new custom wash/dry fields, statuses, and types that will give you maximum control over your laundry workflow.
  • Automated Cleaning. If you’ve set up workflow automation, you already know how cool it is. We’ve brought that same automation to JobNimbus Laundry. Now, you can set JobNimbus to create tasks for ironing or even folding your laundry. Plus, you can set up email notifications to keep you up to date on your dirty laundry, every step of the way.
  • CloudSoft(TM) Technology. Our patented solution for the common dryer sheet fabric softener. Since your laundry is uploaded to JobNimbus, it’s placed in the cloud where it enjoys the benefit of natural softening to assure that you always feel comfortable on the job site.
  • Clean clothing, anywhere. Did you just spill some paint on your brand new, embroidered polo? Just open the JobNimbus app and download a new shirt in seconds.


Best of all, it’s just 50 cents per load! Yes, you read that right. And, that includes both washing and drying.

It’s absolutely revolutionary.

Want to try out JobNimbus Laundry? Just log in or create an account in JobNimbus and head over to the Features tab in Account Settings to get started.

Happy washing!


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