Mobile CRM and PM Software Is Your Office in Your Pocket

It’s time to unplug the cable that for so many years has kept you from maximum productivity.

It’s time to break free from your desk and get back to doing the work that you do best.

No longer will your lead and project management software keep you from doing the things that you most love. Now, they’re hear to be with you any time you need while, at the same time, staying out of sight and out of mind.

Your Office is Mobile Now

With the advent of the cloud, or services available via the internet, mobility has taken a whole new meaning.

You’re no longer tied to your desk anymore. All your notes, calendars, files, contacts, documents, photos, emails… it’s all with you, all the time.

All you have to do is open up your JobNimbus mobile app and you instantly have both your CRM and your project management software right in the palm of your hand.

And, to quote the famous game show line, “that’s not all!” Not only can you see everything, but you can also interact with it. You can actually create contacts on the spot if you get a new lead calling in. You can add notes to track relationships. You can upload photos right from the job site. You can know exactly when a job has been completed.

It’s all rather mind-blowing, when you consider computers used to be gigantic and could only process a few basic calculations at a time no more than a few decades ago.

Don’t lose sight of what’s important

Now, having mobile CRM and project management software isn’t meant to be a ball and chain that keeps you from time off, family, and other things.

Especially now that technology is invading every level of our lives, it’s always necessary to take a break and spend time in the real world. We need it as humans and as a society.

But having your office in your pocket doesn’t mean never disconnecting from the office. It just means you have more freedom; freedom to stay on top of things wherever and whenever you’d like.

After all, even if you’re sitting on a beautiful white sand beach in Aruba soaking in the Caribbean sun, it’s always fun to see reports and make sure everybody’s doing their job.


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