JobNimbus v1.14: Import, International Support, and a Whole Lot More

JobNimbus v1.14 is one of our biggest updates ever, with a truckload of improvements and fixes, not to mention new features that will help both the day-to-day user and the user who’s just getting started.

All of the following features, improvements, and fixes are available today. All you have to do is log in to your account to start using JobNimbus v1.14.

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What’s New in JobNimbus v1.14:


PRO International Support (User Request) – JobNimbus is starting it’s journey around the world, where we’ve added support for international dates, phone numbers, and currency. Très fantastique!
PRO Import Tool – We’ve revamped our contact import tool with a two-step verification process that gives you a full preview of your data and detailed information on any errors we find.
PRO Bulk Edit (User Request) – We’ve added the ability to bulk edit records from custom reports. Currently this features supports the ability to delete all records in a customized report.
PRO Default Field Values (User Request) – You can now set default values to custom job and contact fields in JobNimbus from your Account Settings.


Google Calendar Sync – We’ve updated the sync structure in Google Calendar synchronization for speed, accuracy, and enhanced parity.
Related Job Contact Fields – Contact fields are now automatically filled with the contact information when creating a Related Job.
Custom Contact & Job Fields – Custom fields for Contacts and Jobs no longer need to be unique. You can now create a custom contact field and custom job field that are the same name and value.
Built-in Reports – Our built-in reports (Sales Pipeline, Lead Source) now support more users.
Attachment Deletion Permissions – Now, only admins are allowed to delete attachments.
Email Management – We’ve switched to a new email management service for our email integration, making email management faster than ever.
Estimate & Invoice Emails – We’ve made updates to the subject line for estimate & invoice emails.
10-Digit Phone Extensions – Phone extensions up to 10 digits are now acceptable.
Workflow Settings Layout – We’ve updated the layout and structure of workflow settings. Now, you’ll see a tab for “Contact Types & Statuses” and “Job Types & Statuses” to more easily manage your workflow.
PDF Thumbnails – We’ve added thumbnail previews for PDF attachments.
naturalFORMS Sort Order – We’ve alphabetized the order of forms in the naturalFORMS tab in Account Settings.


Task Activity Entries – Fixed an issue where entries were note displaying for when task activity was created.
Form Fields in Documents – Fixed an issue where form fields weren’t showing up right.
Form Builder – Moved Rename button to the action menu.
Automation Popups – Fixed some wording on automation dialogues for better understanding.
Phone Number Search – Solved an issue to allow searching for phone numbers using the last 4 digits.
International Email Formats in Notes – Solved a bug that would not include all suffixes of an international email format.
International Task Dates – Fixed an issue that caused tasks for international users to be set to the wrong dates and times.
Manage Subscriptions – Fixed an issue related to hitting the “Back” button on your browser from the Manage Subscriptions page.
Template Fields – Resolved an issue where Template Fields weren’t selectable in Firefox.
Estimate and Invoice Product Info – Fixed an issue related to product information stacking in estimates and invoices.
Workflow Error Messages – Removed the “null” message when attempting to change a workflow.
Estimate Creation Time – Reduced the amount of time it takes to build an estimate.
Job Share Activity – Resolved an issue with Job Share events not appearing in activity.
Job Share Emails – Improved the subject and body text of Job Share emails.
Images on Jobs – Fixed an issue where image thumbnails weren’t showing up on Jobs.
Time Zones – Fixed an issue related to Task Start and End times that would be off by 1 hour.
Job and Contact Reports Permissions – Permissions for Job and Contact reports now default to “Just Me.”
Empty Custom Date Fields – Resolved an issue causing empty custom date fields to show a wrong date (from 1969.)

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