The Definition of Insanity: Trying to Make the Wrong CRM Right

Insanity |inˈsanitē| n.: the state of being seriously fed up with trying to make the wrong CRM work the right way: he pulled all his hair out because of all the CRM insanity.

It happens to all of us at one time or another. You sign up for a software with full faith that it will finally be the tool to help you achieve your business goals, only to find that it doesn’t do even half the things you want it to.

What’s more, the things you thought it could do right suddenly stop working and things that you never expected begin to happen without explanation.

It’s not you, don’t you worry about that. These are all signs that you’re in a bad situation and you’ve chosen the wrong software to get the job done.

The Right CRM for the Right Job

It’s not all the CRM’s fault, however. It might actually be the right CRM for a lot of other businesses that have a different workflow and process than your own.

The vast majority of CRM software available offer powerful features, flexible abilities, and strong reporting. Even so, not all of these CRM software will fit the bill for every business, because it’s hard to make a CRM for everything and everyone.

So how do you find out which one will be right CRM for you? There are lots of ways, actually. You can search for reviews, testimonials, and referrals from other businesses in your niche, but they still might have a totally different process.

What you have to do is experiment a little bit. You have to get your hands dirty and, lucky for you, most CRM software offer free trials from 7 days to up to 1 month even.

Experiment with Trials and Demos

These trials give you not just the birds-eye view, nor just the fellow worker’s recommendation, but they actually allow you to see first-hand how the software will work for you and your process.

Some CRM software offer customizations for fields, types, statuses, and other things. If your trial allows, go ahead and set up the customizations exactly how you would want to see them every day.

If you can set up anything specific in the workflow, give it a shot. It helps to test out a CRM the way you want to work with it so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Then, just run a test until the end of the trial. Give it all you’ve got, don’t go half-way in. You may have a winner on your hands and you’ll never know for sure until you execute a full trial.

There’s no sense trying to make the wrong CRM work for you; you’re just wasting time, money, and hair. There’s also no sense in getting into a demo and just letting the time run out.

Get your hands dirty and get out there to find the right CRM for your job. I promise you’ll have greater productivity and profitability when you finally find and implement the right one.

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