Simple CRM and Project Management Software button system

If you’ve been using JobNimbus or have had a chance to get a personal walk-through with one of our sales representatives, you’ll have noticed that JobNimbus has a significant lack of buttons.

Unlike most CRM and project management software, and any software in general, JobNimbus just doesn’t have very many buttons, but it’s not for lack of features.

In fact, we left as many buttons out as we could in order to achieve one of our main goals: simplicity. So far, it’s worked out pretty darn well.

Bringing User Interface Back to Basics

By now we’ve all heard the saying, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Well, not everyone has heard, “with lots of features comes great confusion,” but we’ve all experienced it at one time or another.

Once you have a lot of features or options available to you, things become harder to figure out and decide. Having a lot of options just makes things harder.

This isn’t just a software thing, either. In fact, it’s proven psychology. There have been official studies where the same area of a supermarket displays at one time 50 varieties of jellies and jams, while at another time only showing 3 varieties.

It might surprise you that when there were only 3 varieties on display, the store sold far more than when they had more options.

Too many options muddies up your thought process, causes doubt, and hinders your ability to make good and quick decisions.

Simplicity in the Real World

Apple has had success by living by this principle of simple user interfaces. It’s one of the main attractions for the iPod; the simple wheel that represented all the controls you needed. And we need not even mention the iPhone, with the first big touch screen device with only one button on the front.

Simplicity, and cutting out the fluff can help users and consumers to know exactly what can be done and exactly how to do it in less time and with less perspiration.

Hiding Complexity Behind One Simple Icon

When we went to build JobNimbus, we knew we had to make it as simple as possible. We knew that adding too many buttons would go against that goal, so we had to come up with some other way.

What came out of numerous discussions and thought is a little, seemingly insignificant gear icon we call the Action Menu.

It’s everyone in JobNimbus, but even this icon isn’t muddying up the interface at all times. A simple hover over just about anything will reveal the action menu, giving you options to add, edit, or attach anything that you need.

Making Contact, Job, and Task Management Easier, One Less Button at a Time

This one small adjustment to JobNimbus gives this simple CRM and project management software just one piece of what we’ve done to try to make the software easier for you to use.

And we’re not finished yet. There’s still plenty more that we plan to do in order to take less time away from you and allow you more time doing what you love and do best.

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