Yep JobNimbus Has Email Integration Too

With a well-rounded set of tools for just about any situation, JobNimbus has something for everyone.

Even so, one of the questions we get asked a lot is, “does JobNimbus have email integration?”

The quick answer is a resounding yes. The more complete answer goes a little something like this:

Two Ways to Use JobNimbus’ Email Integration

There are two ways to use email with JobNimbus. You can send email from JobNimbus in the way of notes and you can use your own email client, whether it be Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail, etc.

Email via Notes

In JobNimbus, you can add all kinds of notes to Contacts, Jobs, Tasks, and other documents in order to keep up with activity and keep the lines of communication open.

Making it even easier to communicate directly from JobNimbus, when you add a note to a record you can send that note via email to any one of the related contacts.

So let’s say you’re looking at a contact record. If you click the “Add Note” button, you’ll see the Add Note popup.


Just select the Note Type (for instance, Email), write your email body text, and you’ll find a checkbox at the bottom that says Send Email.


Here you can write in your email subject and choose to whom you want to send the email (specific related contacts, sales reps, or all).


When you hit Add Note, it will be sent to the selected recipients and attached to the record in JobNimbus.


Attaching Email Sent from Outside JobNimbus

If you end up sending an email to a customer you have in JobNimbus from another email client like Outlook, Gmail, or iCloud, those emails can be automatically attached to the corresponding record in JobNimbus.

In order to have your emails automatically attach, we provide you with your own unique email address. You can find that address in your Account Settings in the Email tab.


First, you’ll find your JobNimbus assigned email, and below you’ll be able to enter a return email address to be included in the emails you send from JobNimbus (the default is the email you use to log into JobNimbus).


Just use this JobNimbus provided email in either the CC or BCC fields of the emails that you send outside of JobNimbus and those emails will be attached to the recipient’s record in JobNimbus.

In the end, JobNimbus email integration is the same that you would find in other CRMs. For example, Salesforce uses the same setup for its email integration.

This allows you versatility to communicate with customers from both within and without JobNimbus and still be able to track the entire conversation for better relationships with your customers.

If you’re still wondering about JobNimbus’ email integration, drop us a comment below and we’ll be able to help you out.

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