Don't Be Like This Argentine Contractor

My wife and I just got back from 3 months in Argentina visiting family. It was my second time there and it was another great experience.

While we were there, the bathroom was well overdue for a fix and makeover. The family called a local, one-man-band contractor whom had helped them with a couple other fixes in the past.

That was their first mistake.

A Contractor Without a Plan

The contractor, let’s call him Pepe, showed up (late) on the appointed day to take measurements and calculate materials.

He took measurements of everything while chatting it up with the nearest family member. But measurement after measurement, there was ne’er paper nor pencil in sight.

Where was he writing these measurements down? How would he remember them? He must have some place to record them before he forg–

And just like that, Pepe said, “chau,” and was on his way.

I said to myself: this guy must be a miracle worker, or he’s spent a lot of time learning to improve his memory. He must be good.

That was our second mistake.

Pepe comes back the next day. Again, he’s a couple hours late. He commences a snail-pace work of mixing and cementing, and placing, and chipping.

It’s all part of the show, but this show extended to a couple days, then a week, then almost 2 weeks before Pepe was finished.

Day after day was filled with confusion, tardiness, mis-measurements, forgetfulness, and a severe lack of materials because of poor organization.

In the end, it was even hard for him to know how much to charge us because he lost everything along the way.

Pepe needed help. Pepe needed JobNimbus.

Even as a one-man-band, Pepe had a severe need for a simple way to keep everything organized.

He needed a place to store his customer, job, and task data. With JobNimbus, he could have called us to let us know he was running late. He could have set better alarms to notify him via tasks and email that he had work to do.

He needed a place to store measurements to remind him and make them actionable. With JobNimbus, he could have created notes for his measurements. He also could have created an estimate on the spot using those measurements in order to keep all his totals organized.

He needed a better way to organize his work and charge us justly at the end. JobNimbus would have given him a much better view at the time of invoicing as well using the same invoice he started with.

All of this could have been done from his office, at his home, or at the same job site via the mobile app.

A Waste for Everyone

It’s really a shame to have seen a project go so over time and budget, and to see it become such a pain for everyone involved.

That’s why I feel JobNimbus has a strong purpose in the world and it gives me reason to keep trying to make it an even better tool for those who need it.

Whatever you do, using JobNimbus or not: don’t be like this Argentine contractor.

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