International Roofing Expo (IRE)

It has been a great couple of days at the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas. There are some great people and great products out there.

We have had the pleasure of meeting up with some JobNimbus users and have had some fantastic face-to-face time where we were able to discuss some of the successes they are having with JobNimbus. Overwhelmingly, the response has been that the simplicity of JobNimbus is one thing they enjoy over some of the other products they have tried. Don’t worry, we are listening.

We’ve had an opportunity to look at some complimentary technologies that line up with our mantra of simplicity and accessibility. It is great to see people responding to the needs of the market, and people that were so eager and open to talk with us.  It has been a great pleasure.

We got to meet some current integration partners, like Accurance with their insurance scoping tool. They are a great group of guys that we will talk more about later.

Even though it took us away from the office, which wasn’t all that easy to do, we are having a great time discussing the future of JobNimbus and our capabilities. Look for some really neat opportunities in the coming year.

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