JobNimbus Fielditrip: The International Roofing Expo

Next week, most of the crew from JobNimbus is going to head down to the IRE (International Roofing Expo).

It’s not that JobNimbus is solely a roofing CRM, because it’s not. It was designed for any company that has services to offer. We are headed down to check out the landscape.

It has been a few years since we started from the concept of simplifying customer interaction. We have been working steadily to build something that holds to our core goal.

We really wanted to build something that just about anyone could use. Out of that has stemmed some great partnerships and integrations, mobile apps, and some neat features that are unique to the JobNimbus platform.

Working with the needs of our clients has been an important part of making decisions on what we build, and when we build it. But don’t worry, we aren’t finished yet.

The IRE gives us a unique opportunity to walk around and see what is in going on in one piece of the pie we play in. In surveying potential clients, we have found that there are some companies that are pretty new to technology. In fact technology, even for people who have embraced it in the past, can just kind of get up and run away from you.

Well, we want it to be easy for anyone to start working in a Customer Relationship Management system. Whether you are a roofing contractor at the IRE, or you are a cleaning company that is too busy to be able to sneak off to a trade show, we are here for you.

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