Losing the Baby Fat: Growing with JobNimbus


In May, my wife and I will celebrate our daughter’s first birthday. It’s so beautiful to see that chubby baby we brought home from the hospital growing day by day.

Unfortunately, with that growth she’s slowly losing that “chubby baby” title, much to the chagrin of her mother and I.

But in the business world, the extra fat that we carry can be a dead weight to tie us down and prevent us from a rate of growth that we might otherwise achieve.

Leaving behind that dead weight is important for the stability of your business. Even just a little extra weight is enough to tip you in the wrong direction. Without it, you’ll have more opportunities for success than ever.

Bigger, Faster, Stronger, More Efficient

As a child grows (vertically as opposed to horizontally), so does their capacity to learn and perform.

Your organization will continue to grow as you leave behind some of the relics from your past. Some of these relics may include:

  • Using Excel to manage your customers
  • Using Excel to manage your projects
  • Using Excel to manage anything other than what Excel was built for
  • A whiteboard (or heaven forbid a chalkboard) with assignments
  • Sticky notes for contact info and other things
  • A file cabinet that looks like it lives every year without Spring

Let me make this very clear: these things are not your friends.

These are the equivalent of baby fat. They might look cute on the outside, but they’re outdated to serve any useful purpose and they will hold you back from bigger and better things.

You need to run from them like the plague and replace them with tools that will help you accomplish the same goal in less time with less waste.

Going on a Growth Diet

In Spanish, there’s a phrase: hablar sin pelos en la lengua. Literally translated, it means, “speak without hair on your tongue.” It doesn’t really paint a pretty picture.

But the real meaning is that you speak without reservations, without holding anything back.

So I’m gonna speak without hair on my tongue and say that JobNimbus is that natural weight loss solution that’ll help you transition from baby fat to grown company (and growing).

JobNimbus helps you remove many of the anchors that are holding you back and provides your team with tools to soar higher.

With simple contact, job, and task management, JobNimbus can replace all of your tools with better, more efficient, and much more mobile ones than you have now.

With workflow automation, your existing workflow doesn’t have to change. It can be plugged directly in and JobNimbus can do the work for you to make sure that every job is completed on time, on budget, and to specifications.

Baby Steps

Now, now. Don’t get all excited and go off doing something like a complete reorganization and change of pace overnight.

A team needs transitioning and, most importantly, training. You have to take baby steps, with precaution in every decision, consulting with your team and making sure that the transition will be smooth.

Find out where you want to take your team. Set a goal for the future, quantify it, then create and execute an elaborate plan to achieve the goal.

And give us a call or shoot us an email. Or, if you’d like, simply sign up for a free trial of JobNimbus to see how it can become your new best friend.

We’ll help you get set up, plug in your workflow, and make sure there are no bumps on your new road to growth.

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