We’re all looking for new ways to increase our sales, decrease our costs, and improve our revenue stream.

Usually we look to advertising and elbow grease in order to get there.

However, a finding by ISM, Inc. and the Insight Technology Group reveals what every company could do to increase their sales revenue for at least the next 3 years.
In the study of different CRM implementations, it was found that companies had the potential to experience a minimum increase of 10% in gross sales revenue per sales representative during the first three years of the implementation.

When talking about sales revenue, that’s no small potato. Customer sales are the very lifeblood of the company and the source of income for every business under the sun.

The best part: the 10% increase is the minimum, making your growth possibilities even brighter.

How CRM Can Promote Sales Revenue Growth

This isn’t just some magical formula; you won’t just get a CRM and magically wake up with more sales.

It’s all part of the broader purpose and tool set of Customer Relationship Management software that you will have to take advantage of if you want to make a significant difference. Your effort in using the provided tools will be what takes your sales revenue to the next level.

CRM primarily provides contact management tools, allowing you to track interactions, customer statuses in your sales pipeline, and helps you assign and complete actions towards closing that lead in the least amount of time possible and with the highest amount of retention.

What’s more, CRM is built to save your sales team (and your team as a whole) time and, thus, money by organizing each piece of the sales puzzle into a neat rhythm and sequence.

Instead of wasting time chasing paper trails and trying to find that missing phone number that was written on a common sticky note, your sales team will be able to enter all the customer info quickly, efficiently, and completely.

That info is immediately synced to all users on the system, while some get notified, and others can start working on that customer immediately.

CRM is about efficiency, speed, and improvement on what you’re already doing well. As long as you put your best foot forward and implement every aspect of the CRM, your sales revenue can increase by a minimum of 10% for the next 3 years for sure.

If you’re ready to take this challenge to the bank, sign up for a free 14-day trial. You’ll be on your way to higher sales revenues before you know it.

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