If You Can't Take the Heat, We Can Help

In all the hustle and bustle of daily business, you might think: I don’t have time to look for or learn how to use any software!

And you know what? You’re right. It’s hard to find the time in your busy schedule because, let’s face it, your job isn’t to learn how to use software.

That’s why we’ve done two things to make learning and using JobNimbus as easy as pie, which in turn makes your job easier than ever.

Simplicity + Support and Training = Easy

The first and most important thing we did was we designed JobNimbus from the ground up (and every which way) to be simple.

We took our experience in software development, mixed it with industry expertise, and deconstructed the CRM and project management software genres to find out what design and formulas work the best.

Our goal was to make the most simple CRM and project management software imaginable.

The result is years of hard work implementing what we discovered, and we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the software to make it easier for you every day.

After simple comes 24/7 support and training

Having built the platform to be as easy to learn as possible, we weren’t going to leave you to your own devices without providing any help.

To all our Pro users, we provide full email, social media, and phone support and as much training as they need to get on your feet and running.

We won’t leave you on your own, we won’t leave any question unanswered, and we won’t leave you with doubts.

If you need anything, aren’t sure what you’re doing in JobNimbus, or if you feel JobNimbus is keeping you from doing your work, give us a call or shoot us a message and we’ll help you out.

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