Web 1.13 and Mobile 1.3 Updates

After a solid 2013, we figured that the best way to start off the brand new 2014 would be with updates to both our web and mobile apps.

In addition to the usual improvements and fixes, we’ve added some highly requested features to improve your workflow. We’ve expanded the previously added workflow feature with automation to create new tasks automatically when you change Contact and Job statuses. We’ve also added the option for checkboxes in custom fields.

The following features, improvements, and fixes are available to use now; just log into JobNimbus to start using them.

What’s new in JobNimbus v1.13:


PRO Automated Workflow (User Request) – Automate your workflow by programming tasks to be automatically created when a Job or Contact status is changed. For help on setting up automated workflow, see our tutorial.
PRO Checkboxes (User Request) – We’ve added the ability to add checkboxes for Custom Fields and the Form Builder.


Google Calendar Sync (User Request) – Updated our Google Calendar sync algorithm to support push notifications. Synchronization will now occur immediately after each alteration, instead of in 3-minute intervals.
Import Contacts w/ Custom Fields – We’ve updated our Import Contacts field to allow importing data matching the Custom Fields set up in your Account Settings.
Addresses – We’ve improved the way addresses on grids show to make them more readable and copiable.
Smart Sleep – We’ve made some changes to our sync algorithm so it synchronizes data faster and more efficiently.
Calendar Legend (User Request) – Calendar legend has been moved to the top of the calendar and tweaked for better appearance.
My Profile – “Profile” at the top left has been renamed to “My Profile.”


Reports Dates – Fixed an issue where Reports would include the last day of a previous month to a month report. Also, a report showing the last 3 days shows the previous 3 days, instead of the last 72 hours.
Add Note – Items in Add Note popup have been properly aligned.
Report Types – Report Types are now properly capitalized.
Job and Contact Field Tabs – The Job Fields and Contact Fields tabs have been moved closer to related tabs in Account Settings.

What’s new in Mobile v1.3:

Here, the big features is Task Types. We introduced them in JobNimbus v1.9.4 and have finally added them to the mobile app. Now when you create or edit tasks on our mobile app, you can select the correct Task Type.

We’ve also made a bunch of bug fixes, improvements, and performance enhancements that will make the app more responsive and easier to use.

The update is for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices and is available now from the respective app stores. If you haven’t received the automatic update or haven’t seen the update notification, click the app store icon below to download the update directly to your device:

JobNimbus iTunes App Store JobNimbus App Google Play Store

There’s plenty more to come as we continue to build on our mobile CRM and project management experience. We very excited to show you what we’ve been working on for this brand new year.

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