JobNimbus A Year in Review 2013

Without a doubt, 2013 has been our most productive and most rewarding year yet. Thanks to the hard work of a dedicated team and to all our users who’ve kept our spirits high with their humbling reviews, JobNimbus is a very different animal from what it was back in 2012.

More features are added on an almost monthly basis and more people are turning to JobNimbus to manage their contacts, jobs, tasks, and documents than ever before.

We’ve Come a Long Way

We started this year with just our web app at version 1.8 and no mobile apps in sight. Now, just a year later, we’ve gone to version 1.13 and now have dedicated mobile apps for iPhone/iPad, and Android devices.

Some of the bigger features we added this year include a more powerful live report builder, custom fields, a document builder, automated workflow, estimates and invoices, time tracking, forms, and customizable grids throughout the web app.

We’ve also added several integrations including QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and a couple more to be announced soon.

But We’ve Only Just Begun

We’ve been working at full pace to bring out the best of the CRM and project management software you’ve come to know and love. We’re so thankful that you’re with us to share in this experience.

While I can’t say anything right now, I can assure you we have some really exciting stuff coming up in 2014. You won’t have to wait long for some new features that should get you pumped and help you to be more productive than ever. Things are coming very soon, so hang tight with us.

And last, but not least, none of this would be possible without your support, excitement, and feedback. Your suggestions and comments are what help us sculpt JobNimbus into a better tool day by day. Please keep sending us your comments and suggestions.

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