3 Reasons Why Online CRM Software is the Only CRM

If you’re looking for CRM software, you’ve probably heard some of the discussion between on-premise and online (or cloud) options.

You see, CRM software, like all other software, used to have to be installed on each computer via CD and an IT (or group of ITs) had to be employed to manage the software, updates, and network.

Nowadays, with innovations like cloud software and computing, most of what CRM software does can now be done remotely and can be accessible from anywhere on any device.

And now you’re wondering: On-premise or online CRM… which one is for you?

Let me put this clearly.

On-Premise is not for you

Unless you’re a multinational enterprise that needs an overly robust, all-seeing super CRM that you can invest thousands of dollars and hours into, on-premise is not for you.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a small or medium sized business and you’re looking for a simple solution for managing your business processes, online CRM software is the only option for you.


1. We’re more mobile than ever

We’re almost in 2014. The mobile revolution has long since taken over our lives. With smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other wireless devices, we now have the freedom to take our entire office archive with us wherever we go.

You can’t afford to be anywhere without your contacts, tasks, and jobs anymore. Online CRM software is the only viable option that will allow you to stay mobile and on top of everything.

2. Too much customization can kill you

One of the most vocal arguments for on-premise CRM is its inherent customizability. Having dedicated IT staff on hand and a customizable CRM to work with, you can adjust the software to your heart’s content, something that few online CRM software can match.

However, too much customization can be a CRM’s downfall. If you end up adding too many fields, reorganizing everything your team once knew how to use, and complicating your software beyond comprehension, you’ll end up with a piece of code that’s cost you thousands of dollars to not use.

On the other hand, the surface customizations of online CRM software are almost always just what a company needs to not interfere with the refined experience while mirroring current business processes in the CRM.

3. The maintenance can bankrupt you

Having the CRM software stored and maintained locally is a black hole for money and time. You’ll spend more time fixing server downtime and outdated computers than you will during training of a simple online CRM software solution.

Just think, all your worries about software, installations, networks, downtime, security, and backups are all but gone when you go with a cloud solution.

And rightfully so. Ain’t nobody got time for that stuff.

Your time and money should go where it matters most for your company: towards bettering the product, customer experience, and efficiency of your business. If you’re worried about software all day, you’ll get a lot less done.

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