Finding New Ways to Organize Your Business

The winter holidays are here. With them comes the realization of how fast the last year came and went. The time flew by, and now we have 2014 ahead. We made it!

For most businesses, it is a time to review how things went last year, and what things we want to change for the year ahead. Introspection, personally and professionally, can be a tough process. It just might be time to make some changes.

As business owners, we often take a look at how much money we made this last year as a gauge of how well we did. It’s easy to overlook how much money we missed, how much was wasted, or how much was left on the table.

If we are all honest and do some digging for what we can improve, I’m sure we’ll find something. Nevertheless, isn’t enough to find the problems; the problems need to be fixed.

Get Creative to Solve the Business Problems You Face

The late Steve Jobs, of Apple fame, is quoted as saying, “Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly and get on with improving your other innovations.” A company doesn’t have to make computers to understand that advice and innovation can come in the way things operate within a business.

If you find yourself wondering how things went, but your last year of business is a bit of a fog, it may be time to look at innovating your business simply through better organization.

Maintain Effective Organization

Consider a way to store and interact with your employees, sub-contractors, and customers so that there is real time information available in one place to everyone in the company.

Look at live scheduling so that you can find out, whether in or out of the office, what your appointments are and where you can effectively fill holes. Consider the ability to file notes, letters, drawings, and pictures all in the same place.

Organizing can help you not only track the money coming into the company, it can help to cut down on the money going out or the money that isn’t accounted for. That’s the real cost of inefficiency and waste.

Try a CRM and Project Management software. You might be surprised next year, when you really start moving things, how helpful of an organizational tool a CRM truly is.

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