As the years go by, demand for CRM increases (especially from small businesses.) An online software service has collected data from its users over the last year in order to determine what the CRM buyer trends are for 2013.

In general, the trends have remained constant over the last few years. Contact management is of course a huge part of CRM, but we’re starting to see more demand for marketing automation such as mass email options and marketing analysis. These are some items that our users have also requested more often lately.

Building the CRM that you need

We chose to build JobNimbus as CRM + project management software because we know that managing two different apps not only complicates your process, but it’s also not what you want.

The company found that 91% of prospective buyers are looking for “best-of-breed” solutions, instead of more software pieces to add to a never-ending pie.

Another big majority of respondents said they were looking at Cloud-based solutions only, which is a statistic that will only continue to grow as cloud solutions become more secure, better equipped, and more accepted. This trend was a big factor in our decision to build JobNimbus as a cloud-based CRM and project management software.

In terms of requested features, we’ve got something for each one of them and are working to improve each item as we go.

Top Requested Features for CRM in 2013

We’re constantly working to improve usability and user-friendliness, functionality, integration, and adding more power to live reports. Plus, we’re making JobNimbus an even more customizable CRM with each new release so it can better mold to your processes.

How’s our driving?

How do you think we’re doing? Is there anything in JobNimbus that you’re still waiting for us to add in? Is there any way we can improve JobNimbus to make it easier or more aligned with your business?

Make your voice heard in the comments below!

You can read the full results and analysis over on the study blog. Watch the video interview with CRM expert Paul Greenberg embedded here:

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