Do: It's Time to Say Goodbye

The end of a company is rarely, if ever, cause for celebration. All the blood, sweat, and tears that make up the foundation of any business represent a loss worth lamenting, especially if the company had a great product.

Indeed, if only having a great idea/product was the ticket to success. Even in this day and age, things can happen that put out the proverbial fire in the heart and extinguish the hope of what could have been.

A prime example of this is Do, a project management software creator who is shuttering their doors as of January 31 of 2014, effectively ending their project management software.

Do was a fantastic project management software and we have a world of respect for Do and what their team has, well, done. Design, productivity, mobility… Do seemed to have it all.

This begs the question: if Do was so good, what could prove that the same thing wouldn’t happen to the investment you make in JobNimbus?

The Foundation JobNimbus is Built On

JobNimbus is built upon a very solid foundation. One of principle and goals. We didn’t build JobNimbus to get our piece of the CRM and project management software pie.

We believe in the necessity of our software within the space. We believe we have the ability to fundamentally change the way you do business through a simple, powerful tool set.

Our goal is not to earn money. Of course, every business needs revenue, and ours is no different. And, while we do get excited for each new user, we are more excited at the opportunity that those users give us to keep making JobNimbus better.

Above all, we get joy from every interaction we have with our customers. Every time the phone rings, or an email or tweet comes through, and every time you send in a new idea of something you’d like us to build, we get a smile.

We love our customers. We love helping them succeed. That’s why we built JobNimbus: we want you to have the right tool to succeed.

What Gives JobNimbus Longevity

Not only are we motivated by our vision, but it is what guides every decision that we make. Whether it’s determining what features we add in, deciding how we had them, or how they should work, JobNimbus is laser-focused.

We’re committed to maintaining a clean interface that won’t get cluttered with features you’ll never need. We’re committed to the best implementation possible and constantly refine our features with improvements in both functionality and design.

These decisions allow us to continue building CRM and project management software that works for anyone and gives everyone the specific tools they’ll need to get their jobs done faster, easier, and more efficient than ever.

With everything else you have to worry about in your busy work day, rest assured: JobNimbus is here to stay.

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