Honest Abe Lincoln: How to Build a Strong, Honest Company

In our interactions with our clients, we find that one of the things that seems to come up is their desire to build a strong, honest company. Part of building a strong honest company is understanding how to run a company that way.

With all sorts of information at our fingertips, customers are at least a little more savvy these days. When things don’t feel right for them, they can turn to the internet for answers. This can be a huge advantage to the people working hard to build an ethical, long lasting company.

There are companies out there that still try to bluff their way through business life. They prey on the uninformed, they take advantage of emotions, and their follow-through is less than stellar. As a company, there are some easy things you can do to help combat this kind of culture within your ranks.

Principles of a Strong Company

First is to demand honesty and integrity from everyone in the company. No shortcuts, and no exceptions.  That means you become educators as you work with your clients. Sharing with them how things work, and the implications of what they are facing builds a much stronger trust with the customer. “The sky is falling,” is not going to cut it anymore.

Second, is to toot your horn a little. I know, those of humble demeanor shy away at the thought, but give yourself a reason. Take a little time and volunteer in the community. While you are at it, stick a sign in the ground. Habitat for Humanity and other organizations are a great way to give back.

Third, solicit your happy customers. Ask people that are happy with your work to tell others. Yelp and Angie’s List are both places people go to look for reviews for local companies. Give it a shot. If you are really working well, then people will tell others about it.

After a while, you will find that yours will be the company of choice. Honest people will seek out employment with your company, and you will find more and more clients coming to you. The contractors that accept (let alone encourage) anything less, usually end up with it.

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