Coin: All Your Cards in One Place

A new startup in Silicon Valley announced their first product: Coin. It’s a new mobile payment system, in the vein of Square, that has set its sights on making your transactions easier than ever.

However, unlike Square that accepts all credit/debit card and other payments, Coin is built to make all those payments from one credit card-sized device. You can store up to 8 cards, cycling through them when needed, and use the device for up to 2 years on a single charge.

Security questions aside, having all your cards out of your wallet and in one place that’s there whenever and wherever you need is the dream of anyone who’s seen The Lord of the Rings in theaters (if you’ve been there, you know what I mean).

All Your Business Data in Your Pocket

Having everything together is huge when you’re running a business. Not only does it make things easier on you by reducing the number of tools to learn, maintain, and manage, but it also increases your visibility and productivity.

We took this very approach when building JobNimbus. By having everything in one place, you’ll never be without any of your important business data.

Need to call a contact but your out of the office? Just use the JobNimbus mobile app to find all your contacts. No more having to worry about where you left that piece of paper you think you wrote the number on.

Need to know what tasks you have for today and where you need to be? JobNimbus stores all your tasks and maps them out or you. No more rummaging to find that old, tattered map.

All your contacts, jobs, tasks, addresses, phone numbers, to-dos, reminders, financials, documents, photos, etc. can all be stored in one place. That means, you can also run the numbers on everything going on in your business with live reports. You can get a better view of what needs to be done, or what gives the most back for your efforts.

Having everything in one place makes your personal and business life that much easier. Like having all your credit cards in one place, JobNimbus keeps your business in your pocket and ready for any occasion.

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