JobNimbus v1.12: Email, Grids, Workflows, and More

In each update we try to add new features to JobNimbus that give you an extra boost in your daily productivity. With our latest update, we hope we’re able to do that again and in a big way.

Released today, JobNimbus v1.12 is one of our biggest updates ever with brand new features that you’ll love using in your daily workflow.

Here is what’s new in JobNimbus v1.12:


PRO Email Integration (User Request) – Track email communications by sending email from JobNimbus and importing email into JobNimbus.
PRO Customizable Grids (User Request) – You can now customize the default Contact and Job grids by sorting, filtering, and adding/removing columns. Admins can create custom grids for users and users can customize their grids to suit their needs.
PRO Workflows (User Request) – Create a different set of statuses for each job and contact type. This allows you to follow a different workflow process for each type of job or contact you work with.
PRO Built-In Reports (User Request) – We’ve added two new built-in reports: Sales Pipeline and Lead Source. Use these to measure performance, get insights on where your resources are best spent, and see where you can improve.
PRO Form Builder (User Request) – Added a new Form Builder, allowing you to create question forms to add to your documents in the Document Builder.


Products & Services – We’ve made improvements to how Products & Services are handled when adding them to an Estimate or Invoice. Just select another field or hit “Tab” after typing a product or service name to add it as a custom item, or click “Add new product” to save it to your list for future jobs.
Job Share (User Request) – Activity is automatically logged for when a Job Share is initiated and when the share link is first clicked.
Email Estimates – Estimates can now be emailed to multiple related contacts at a time.
Import Contacts – The import tool now supports Notes and Owners. Add these to your CSV file to import them directly into JobNimbus.
Time Tracking – 5 days now equals 1 week in Time Tracking.


Products Labeling – Fixed a labeling issue where Cost and Price column headers were mismatched.
Action Menu – Fixed an issue that could cause the Action Menu to appear behind other elements.
Job Deletion – Fixed an issue that could cause some deleted jobs to persist in the Jobs list.
New Jobs, Same Numbers – Fixed an issue that prevented new jobs from sharing Job #’s with deleted jobs.
Import Contacts – Made changes to the Import Contacts feature, fixing duplicate imports on accidental clicks, and included a confirmation email on completion of import.


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