Burning the Paper Trail

We live in a modern age. One of advanced tools and technologies. The antiquated paper record is no more; replaced by a far superior data medium.

Software and data storage have effectively beaten traditional paper at its own game by making storage of records, interactions, documents, and other attachments simpler, faster, and easier than ever.

Software Electrifies the Paper Pain

Alright, I’m sure we all kind of miss the old days and we get nostalgic just thinking about opening a freshly printed book, ready for a long adventure. But I’m talking about the business related paper trail, and I don’t think anyone has ever missed having to hand-write, collate, archive, and search for all those documents your business goes through on a routine basis.

Lucky for you, those days are all but extinct. Modern CRM and project management software provide digital file folders for all of your information. You can fill out and store contact and job information, archive it, then do a quick 3-character search and find it in a matter of nano-seconds, even if you don’t remember exactly where you left it.


Using software instead of paper also gives you more access to the same up-to-date information whenever and wherever you are. When you use paper, you’re stuck with one copy that you can share with someone, but whatever they change won’t be updated on your sheet automatically.


Likewise, carrying around stacks of paper is cumbersome and disorganized. You never know where and when you need that information, and carrying everything with you just isn’t going to fly. But if you have mobile access to digital files, you’ll never need to worry about that again.

An Upgrade On Every Level

It’s organized, it’s mobile, it’s searchable, it’s editable, it’s collaborative, it’s the future today and we’re doing it here at JobNimbus.

Our focus is to help you do more with less. We want to replace all the paper in your office (with the exception of your plethora of awards and certificates, of course.)

By burning the paper trail in your office and in your workflows, you’ll be working more efficiently, collaborating more completely, and maximizing every piece of data you receive.

So go ahead, burn it, and hop on board the digital revolution express (and don’t forget to bring your mint George Orwell paperback.)

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