Mobile CRM to Organize and Simplify Your Sales Process

“I’ll give you a call when I get back to the office…”

Is it a lead? Is it a question? What was I supposed to do today? I know I have to call someone about something, but what is it?

If you’ve ever had this feeling, or had to explain to someone that they ”fell through the cracks,” you need to be doing things better to get better results. You need some help changing things, or else —wait for the statement of the century— things will just stay the same.

There’s a Better Way: Time to Get Organized

It is time for some comprehensive organization. I’ll admit, I end up with notes scribbled on whatever I can find in my vehicle. Napkins, receipts, fast food bags… They all fall victim of my scrawling. It could be as simple as a pin number for a sales conference call, or it could be names, emails, and phone numbers of potential customers.

I doubt it is going to make it into the contest for filing system of the century.

I will let you in on a little secret. There were some ulterior motives when JobNimbus was initially put together. The input came, and continues to come, from people from all kinds of businesses and positions.

The one constant was that anything outside of writing on paper was just too complex. Even with previous technologies at our fingertips, people and tasks got lost in the shuffle.

Thinking About CRM a Different Way

We started with and still maintain a goal of making the “lost item” simply a thing of the past. Company heads want to see what is happening with the company in real-time; managers want to manage real numbers and metrics; and the line level employees just want to work, not fiddle around with clicking 15 different buttons just to get a simple operation completed.

So, picture this. You are a sales person that is effectively networking. Someone tells you that you ought to give them a call to talk about whatever it is that you sell.

Instead of running around looking for a piece of paper and a pen, you whip out your trusty smartphone and put their info into your mobile CRM app. Now you look like a pro. You even schedule a time to call while you are talking to the potential customer. By doing so, you take that pro status up a couple of notches.

Now, you go back to the office and you open your laptop to see that your CRM has already notified you of a call you need to make. You make the call and there is no answer, so you leave a message.

At this point, all you want to do is re-schedule a phone call.

JobNimbus Mobile CRM Simplifies Your Process

Here is where the JobNimbus mantra of simplicity comes in… a quick note, a date change for scheduling the call and you move on to the next call. You are a sales guy, after all. The one thing you want more than anything is to maximize your efforts.

Before JobNimbus, you may have had someone set up a CRM that forced you to put in an estimated value of the opportunity and all sorts of other non-relevant data points. That means you’ve probably put bogus “temporary” info into it just to get the darn thing to save your customer info. That means your sales pipeline reports were all screwed up too.

Enough! Simplify your life. Clean up the scribbled napkins and burger wrappers. Take a look at the JobNimbus mobile apps that update into our cloud-based CRM. You will wonder what you ever did without it.

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