A growing, thriving business is made up of a bunch of different moving parts. Not the least of those is the development and execution of a solid sales process that will help you sell.

The most efficient way to test this is by implementing simple sales process tracking for contractors and salespeople to make sure you’re getting the most out of your sales resources.

Testing Sales Using JobNimbus CRM Software

Fleshing out a sales process requires a ton of testing. Try something simple that will take your customers from lead to sales to lifelong client.

Once you have a simple process in place, you can start switching things out, adding more steps, removing some that aren’t working, and exchanging responsibilities between members of the team.

Maybe one team member is better at the close, whereas another is great at the marketing and introduction. Find out where your strengths are by testing different variations.

The JobNimbus CRM software can help you keep track of your testing by adding each member of your team as a user in the system and setting up different workflows for each situation.

Test several different workflows with different assignments to each member of the team and run this for a few weeks.

Tracking Sales Results

Religious use of the JobNimbus CRM software during your testing is integral in determining what the best sales process is for your business. Throughout every sales cycle and each interaction, be 100% committed to recording everything in order to effectively track the results. This is a guaranteed way to get simple sales process tracking for contractors.

During your tests, use the software to access the built-in sales pipeline report in the Report Builder. You can use this report to track closed revenue and rates, among other numbers by user. This will help see where you should allocate your sales resources.

Sales Pipeline Report for sales tracking in CRM Software

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Your data is the pudding; use the recipe and make it happen.

Concentrate Your Sales Resources For Success

With data in hand, you can now see where your sales process can be improved. Move things into their final formation for the best sales results.

Using JobNimbus makes sales process tracking simple and powerful. You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to sell better, close more leads, and increase profits with your current resources without increasing your costs.

What could be better than that?

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Companies who use JobNimbus increase their annual revenue by 43%.
Your company could be next.

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