Tales from the Customer: Count Dracula

Tales from the Customer is an ongoing series of discussions on the virtues of good customer relationship management. For more tales, click here.

Previous episodes of Tales from the Customer have focused on the “what not to do” aspects of customer relationship management. This episode, we’ll be talking about what to do by emulating some of the best aspects of everyone’s favorite tuxedo wearing immortal: Count Dracula.

You’ll notice I didn’t say “vampire.” I’m trying to stay as far away from any association to Twilight as is humanly possible.

The Do’s of Customer Relationship Management with Dracula


The Count is known for being quick on his feet, though he is never seen in the exercise/yoga room that must surely exist somewhere in his hilltop mansion.

This kind of fitness is very crucial for a small business because it empowers your company to make significant changes at a moment’s notice. Don’t be stuck on what you assume is the right way to go if month after month you see the same results. Be agile, try new methods of gaining and winning leads, and test for success.


Keeping with the agility theme, the Count also has the power to change into a bat when the situation calls for it. This gives him a whole new set of mobile skills just for the job at hand.

Having mobile CRM and project management software will give you the power of your data wherever you are. Opportunities can arise at any moment. Are you prepared?

Customer Relationship Management with Count Dracula


Of course, what would be a discussion about Count Dracula without mentioning his ability to convert those around him into fellow Draculas and Draculesses (not the actual terms)?

Your ability to convert leads into sales is going to be greatly enhanced by your dedication to using CRM software. The insight you get, the reminders and tasks, the statistics and data… all of these things can be used to your advantage when working with new leads as you try to sell your products and/or services.

Blood Sucking

No, I’m not saying you should suck your customers dry of everything they have. However, you should be using your CRM software to glean valuable information from these customers that will help you in future sales for them and others.

Your CRM software is only as good as the time and data you put into it. Make the most out of your investment by using it consistently and as much as you can.

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