The Marriage of CRM and Project Management Software

Traditionally, customer relationship management and project management are two separate tools that tend to communicate and play well together, but generally keep their distance.

But we got to thinking: If our projects are centered around our customers, why are we separating two lovers from fulfilling their dreams of greater efficiency? That’s when we started to experiment and, before we knew it, we had married CRM and project management software in a simple and effective way.

It didn’t take long before we could see why this was a match made in heaven.

The Relationship Gap Between CRM and Project Management Software

CRM and project management software are both needed for success in the workplace, but they haven’t always been together. Often, companies have either a CRM, or a project management system, or both separately.

Unfortunately, this disconnect between the customers and the projects that comes from them causes miscommunication, loss of data, and inefficiencies while making it harder to find correlations in both sets of data with reports.

When we were in the planning stages of JobNimbus, we knew this was something we wanted to fix. We knew that if we could build project management right into the CRM software, we would be able to provide a much better tool for efficiency than if we were to provide each separately.

The challenge was marrying the two while simplifying both of them at the same time.

They Both Said Yes!

So we went to work. We tried to find what elements were the most important in contact and project management. We tested button layouts, user interfaces, tables, chairs… it really was like preparing for a wedding (just as stressful, too.)

And, just like a real couple, we made a few discoveries along the way that helped us determine what was most important.

One simple thing that had a great impact on how we laid out JobNimbus was we learned that buttons kill relationships. If you want to ruin a software adoption, just add buttons and you’ll be signing the divorce papers before you know it.

To mitigate this issue, we created the “Action Menu” that appears when you mouse over any item in JobNimbus. All the actions are hidden away here making the software easier to understand and use daily.

This little change has helped JobNimbus marry two complex pieces of software without adding more complexity into the mix.

‘Til Success Do They Part

The union between CRM and project management software is here to stay and, from the looks of it, will share a lasting relationship. Typical adoption rates for CRM software are around 50%. For JobNimbus’ integrated and simple approach, adoption rates are much higher: in the high 90s and holding steady. And customer satisfaction rates for JobNimbus have been amazing.

This marriage will only get better with age, and we have many more things planned for the future. We’re still in the honeymoon phase, and a whole new horizon is before us.

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