We’ve talked before about how maintaining an existing customer is a lot cheaper than trying to find new ones. In the end, that’s the big goal when using CRM software: you want your customers to remember you when they need help again.

A couple weeks ago, Andy Haynes over at FreshBooks wrote a great article with 3 tips on how to build and maintain customer loyalty. His suggestions included recognizing and appreciating your customers, providing early or exclusive access, and offering pro-social incentives.

While these are great strategies, they certainly aren’t the only ones you can start doing today to secure greater customer loyalty.

Here Are 3 More Strategies to Improve Customer Loyalty

1. Go Above and Beyond

Your customers aren’t part of an assembly line. Each one is a human being who has specific needs. If you can find out what those needs are, or if you just go the extra mile on a job, you’ll find yourself with a life-long customer.

Throw in a little extra something with each service you provide, clean up afterward, be outgoing and friendly, be accommodating, always be honest, and try to go a step further than you promised to go.

Just that little bit can last a long time on a customer’s mind.

2. Surprise Your Customers

Another way to keep customers is to surprise them. No, I don’t mean you should break into their homes when they’re away, wait until they get back, then jump out and yell, “Surprise!”

Surprising your customers can be as simple as answering an email they sent you with a detailed response in record time with exactly the answer they needed. It can be making good on a guarantee and leaving a gift card for their troubles.

Surprising a customer can also be simply answering the phone, remembering their name and exactly what you did for them, and treating them like a long-time friend. Have a bad memory or multiple people answering phones? This is where CRM software can help recall the right info at the right time.

Finding ways to ‘wow’ customers or to catch them off guard is a perfect way to knock expectations out of the park and assure that yours is the first name they’ll think of when they’re in need.

3. Create a Culture of Charity

This one can have several applications, but they all have happy endings. Make your company one of service and charitable giving. Instill in every member of your team the desire to help and serve wherever possible.

Don’t be stingy with your products or services either. Don’t be afraid to give something of yours away to a customer or to your community. Everything you give will be returned 10-fold and always in some way you would never have thought possible.

And if it doesn’t and all else fails, you can rest assured that you’ll simply feel better and more energized in your day to day, ready to greet new customers with a smile.

Great Customer Service Breeds Customer Loyalty

Having loyal, returning customers is a lot easier when you provide great customer service. The customer is always first; they’re why you provide a product or service. Always remember that they need you just as much as you need them.

For a little more inspiration, check out this list of email responses that went above and beyond to wow their customers and give back to them in some very big (or simply significant) ways: Delivering Excellent Customer Service via Email.

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