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Hot on the heels of the 1.10 update, we’re coming in with another round of features, improvements, and fixes to our cloud CRM software.

Some of the more prominent features of this release include full Help Documentation you can access from anywhere in the app, a new Mobile Sync toggle that allows you to sync all your JobNimbus data instead of the default truncated list, as well as the ability to export to PDF when printing Contacts and Jobs. JobNimbus v1.11 also features various improvements to the Proposal Builder (now Document Builder), Report Builder, Estimates, and Invoices.

JobNimbus v1.11 Release Notes:


Embedded Documentation (User Request) – Now, from anywhere within the app, you can click the ‘?’ icon at the top right to view help documentation to walk you through every feature of JobNimbus.
PRO Mobile Sync Mode (User Request) – Added a new toggle in the Manage Users menu to allow all data to be synced to a user’s mobile device, rather than just records assigned to or owned by them.
PDF Export – Added the ability to export to PDF when printing Contacts and Jobs.


PRO Document Builder (User Request) – The Proposal Builder has been renamed and relocated for less confusion. You can now create a new document from the Action Menu on any Contact or Job. In addition, documents can now be edited after being saved and tables can now be added to Documents.
PRO Report Builder Permissions (User Request) – Added new permission selector and made several performance, speed, and stability improvements.
PRO Due Column on Invoice Report (User Request) – New column for Invoice Reports shows the remaining balance due.
PRO Date Filters (User Request) – We’ve added new date filters to the new Report Builder so you can get a more exact view of your data over time.
Job Number Improvements (User Request) – A new option in Account Settings includes a checkbox: “Let me assign Job numbers manually,” allowing you to set your own numbers for Jobs.
Estimates (User Request) – PDFs now include the sales rep contact information in place of the admin info previously included.
Internal Notes on Estimates/Invoices (User Request) – You can now add an Internal Note for Estimates and Invoices to note any extra info that you need.
Tasks Tab – On the Contact Overview screen, Tasks have been moved into their own tab.


Invoice Report – Fixed a bug that caused the Status column to display incorrect data or to display no data at all.
Estimates – Fixed line breaks to show properly in estimate descriptions.
Estimate Templates – Fixed an issue with estimate templates not saving properly.
Session Manager – Fixed issues that could sporadically cause users to be logged out.
Overlapping Fixes – Made changes to some images and text that were overlapping other items.
Time Tracking – Removed Time Tracking from the Job Share.


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