Simple is the New Black

Back in May, my wife and I welcomed two new additions to our family: our precious baby daughter and our Simple bank account. Just under five months later, we love both of them even more than before.

Of course our baby girl is our pride and joy, but I’ve gotta say these two go hand-in-hand. Being a parent is no walk in the park, but Simple is exactly that: simple, and it’s helped us take care of all our new expenses in ways we never could (or would) have before.

What Simple is Doing for Banks

Simple is the only online-based bank I’m aware of; no brick and mortar presence whatsoever. From a traditional standpoint, this would almost sound more complicated, but Simple does everything to make up for it and more.

Because they’re all online, Simple has significantly less overhead. The advantage is passed to the customer by way of no fees. For anything. Checks, overdrafts, ATM withdrawals, account transfers… you name it, Simple doesn’t charge you for it.

Their online presence gives them a unique money-saving ability and has positioned them optimally to provide the best online banking experience around.

Simple Mobile Experience

Online Software Made Easy

While online offerings from major banks and credit unions stops somewhere after being able to check your balance, pay your bills, and deposit a check, Simple’s sleek interface gives you the tools to manage your account like never before.

Each transaction is beautifully documented with tags, categories, pictures, and maps. Reports show you line and bar graphs on where and when your money is coming and going.

Perhaps the most valuable feature of Simple is Goals. Goals is a manual/automatic way to save money for any and every occasion. You can set a goal for monthly groceries by setting an amount and either funding the goal immediately or saving it over time. Simple will take care of the rest and safely set aside that portion of your balance for that goal.

Simple Goals

It’s amazingly simple and it’s done wonders for my wife and I. We’ve saved for all kinds of things and end up with more than we expected in our account at the end of every month.

And that, to me, is what online software is all about: making mundane tasks simple, efficient, and even fun.

What JobNimbus is Doing for CRM

A couple years ago now we set out to build a simple CRM. One that could break the traditional mold; one that could finally help those with all levels of CRM experience to get things done faster and easier than ever.

Since then, JobNimbus has been helping our users to manage their contacts, tasks, jobs, schedules, and financials in a way that works for them.

Keeping It Online

We chose the cloud route because of all the advantages it brings. For instance, easy access of all your data from anywhere helps a large portion of our customers who are often on the go.

Having our CRM in the cloud also gives us the flexibility to update as often as we can, adding new features, making existing ones better, and fixing anything that might go haywire in the process.

With no need for installations, the online method also helps us provide a very simple CRM software experience for our customers. No need to install anything, find update packs, or maintain any software or servers. Everything you need is safely stored just a few clicks away.

Simple is the New CRM

While there are still many things left to do, it’s been a joy to hear all the success stories we receive daily from JobNimbus users everywhere. It’s what gets us to jump out of bed every morning and what motivates us day and night.

I love logging into Simple every day (try finding a bank like that). I also love logging into JobNimbus every day because I love how easy both of them make getting things done.

Many of our customers have looked long and hard for simple CRM software and we love seeing them log in to JobNimbus every day having finally found the simplicity they were looking for.

See JobNimbus in Action

Companies who use JobNimbus increase their annual revenue by 43%.
Your company could be next.

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