JobNimbus v1.10 with Speed Improvements

We believe in making tools that help you do more in less time without getting in your way. Software should be a window to avenues of productivity not available any other way.

We’ve focused these last few weeks on a few aspects of JobNimbus to make your experience faster and better than ever. In JobNimbus v1.10, we’ve made huge improvements behind the scenes that you’ll be able to enjoy every time you log in.

Here’s what you get starting now:

  • Lightning Fast Search – We’ve completely rebuilt Search to dramatically increase speed. Some searches that took up to 20 seconds can now be done in 250 milliseconds. You have to try it to believe it.
  • Calendar on Fire – Like Search, we’ve made massive improvements under the hood of the Calendar to improve performance. This is especially prevalent when looking at multiple user calendars at once.
  • Oil Slick Tasks – Saving new and edited tasks in JobNimbus is now much quicker. Some tasks that took 10-15 seconds to save can now be done in 2 seconds or less.
  • Report Builder on Wheels – We’ve also enhanced the Report Builder experience to load pages faster.
  • Calendar Text Bonus – To top it all off, we’ve also added more characters to be shown on the Calendar to see more info at a glance.

While this update isn’t long, it certainly is powerful and is sure to improve your experience ever day while using JobNimbus.

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