New in JobNimbus v1.9.6: Custom Fields, Proposal Builder, Time Tracking

It’s been a month since our last update, and this update is a testament to that. The features we’ve added this time around have been a long time coming and we’re really happy to get them into your hands and into your workflows.

For starters, we’ve added Custom Fields, allowing you to add your own fields for Contacts and Jobs. We’ve also added a Proposal Builder, Time Tracking for tasks, and the ability to set Invoice Payment Schedules.

These new features, along with several tweaks and fixes have made this one of our biggest updates yet

JobNimbus v1.9.6 Release Notes:


PRO Custom Fields (User Request) – You can now create your own fields for Contacts and Jobs. Track anything with text, date, number, and decimal type fields. To get started, just head to Account Settings > Contact Fields -or- Job Fields.
PRO Proposal Builder (User Request) – Create professional proposals using a simple editor. Make your contracts, proposals, and work orders into templates; JobNimbus will automatically fill them in with your data. Also includes the ability to track customer signatures on documents.
PRO Time Tracking (User Request) – Ability to track time worked on a task, with Time Estimates, and the ability for users to log time to tasks. You can enable Time Tracking in Account Settings under the Features tab.
PRO Invoice Payment Schedule (User Request) – Set a custom payment schedule on your invoices.  For example, 50% due now, 50% due at project completion.
Export Reports – You can now export your Reports to XLS (Excel) or CSV.


Updates to Invoice PDFs – Payments made on an invoice now appear on PDFs. A ‘PAID’ line indicates when an invoice has been paid in full.
Pay Tracking in Reports – New column for Invoice Report called ‘Paid’ that shows the amount of payments on the invoice; new column ‘Remaining’ to show the difference between Paid and Total remaining.
TaskCount on Reports – See whether a contact has a task assigned and how many with this new column in Reports. This is helpful to know which of your contacts might be slipping through the cracks.
Importing Contacts – Now the Import Contacts feature allows you to import with Types and Statuses.
Job/Contact Numbers (User Request)– Jobs and Contacts now start at #10,000.
Reminder/Notification Emails – Updated format for daily task reminder and contact assignment notification emails.
Task Progress – We’ve added an indicator to show % progress made on a task.


Previous Data Load Bug – Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a previous contact record to flash before loading the record for the user-selected contact.
Contact Statuses – Fixed a bug that caused contacts with no status to show the wrong status.
Add/Edit Users – Solved an issue that could cause problems when adding or editing users.


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