The Fundemental Importance of Time Management

If a penny saved, is a penny earned, then a minute saved is worth something too, right?

There are plenty of service providers who, with years of experience can tell you about how long it takes to do a job. Installing a roof, cleaning carpets, or remodeling a bathroom, all have steps and stages and most providers can “guestimate” how long it will take to do the job.

However there are some unknowns; some things that, even with experience, most folks would find tough to gauge. For instance, let’s say employee “A” can complete a task in 2 hours while employee “B” takes 3 hours.

Why is that? Is it that Employee B is new? Are there more callbacks on Employee A’s work?

What about the overall job. How long does it take to remodel a bathroom? What if the customer wants small tile? Does it take longer to work on something new vs. something old?

Not only is this information important, it is essential to effective time management.

Remember, time is money.

If simply understanding the details allows you to save an extra hour in a day, that adds up to 5 hours a week. For some that’s enough time to fit a whole other job into, and all of a sudden the same manpower turns into more money.

It really is that simple. It’s also that complicated.

Easier Than it Looks, Harder Than it Seems

The key to success in managing tasks and turning them into money is through live reports.

Based on information that is unique to a company, all sorts of things can be laid out to help someone get a grasp of where the money is made and where it goes.

A CRM and task management system, when used properly, can do some pretty complex tracking, without being overwhelmingly complicated.

Reports: A Window Into Your Business

Each company is unique. Nuances, traditions, processes, and a host of other things are brought in or made though the combined efforts of a group of people.

It is easy to sit and listen to a “one size fits all” presentation of a new fancy piece of software that will innovate and change the way the world does business. But really, to be effective, a solution needs to be customized to the needs of the company.

What’s more, nobody wants to be told the best way to run their business by someone that has no experience in their line of work.

Most times, the processes and procedures that have already been implemented just need to be streamlined through a digital interface. This allows for more efficient workflows, less wasted time and effort, less items falling through the cracks, and greater access.

Better Your Process, Better Your Profits

Once there is a uniform way to access that process, better feedback starts to come in. Once better feedback comes in, it is easier to examine things that could be improved. If making things better saves time, then making things better will earn you more money.

With custom fields and a newly upgraded and simplified report builder, JobNimbus is prepared to help contractors increase the knowledge they have and improve the way things are done. Let JobNimbus show you how we can make you more money and save you more time.

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