Announcing New Live Report Builder Beta

For every business, good quality reports are vital to the success of the company. Live reports give you visibility on new revenue routes, missed opportunities, and the general workings of your business.

We launched JobNimbus with a powerful Report Builder that allowed our users to customize, filter, and set up reports according to their business needs. While the Report Builder is very powerful, we knew we could do a lot better.

Today, we are taking our first steps towards even better live reports by including a brand new Report Builder in the v1.9.5 release of JobNimbus.

A Newer, Simpler Report Builder

You’ll notice right away that this Report Builder is much simpler to use than the previous version. Adding, editing, and rearranging reports has never been easier, and you can do everything you need with just a few clicks.

We’ve added a new header bar that gives you all the options you need to customize your reports. We’ve also allowed for better reordering, filtering, and sorting so that you can have the report exactly how you want to see it.

How it works

To access the new Report Builder, log into your account and find and click Reports (Beta) on the left side navigation. From this screen, you can click the Action Menu and create reports for:

  • Tasks
  • Jobs
  • Contacts
  • Activity
  • Estimates
  • and Invoices

By selecting one of these options, you will be taken to the Report Builder screen. You’ll see the new header bar which has options to add and remove columns, add filters and calculations, and even has a new Help section with some quick tips on how to use the new tool.

You can name your report, add a description, and set how many records are show per page. As you make changes to this report, they are updated in real time on the live report below. You can edit this report to make it look exactly how you want so you can see the right info at the right time.

Once you’re done, just hit Save and your report is ready to access here at any time, or to easily add to your Dashboard.

Why Beta?

By this time, you’re probably wondering why we’re calling this a Beta and leaving the other Report Builder. The answer is very simple: we know how important custom reports are to your workflow and the efficiency of your business.

Since this new Report Builder is hot out of the development oven, this is still a work in progress. We wanted to get it finished and into your hands as soon as possible, giving you the chance to provide feedback to help us make it even better.

Nevertheless, this Report Builder has all the functionality of the old builder, with more customization and easier to use than ever. That’s why in a couple months, once we’re sure it is flawless, we will be retiring the old Report Builder and replacing it with this new one.

Until then, we encourage you to jump in, play around and create some reports, and try to replicate the live reports you already have set up so that you’re ready for the transition.

As always, we are available for any training or support that you need to get your new reports set up in the new tool. Just contact us via phone or email to let us know you need help.

We’ll be adding a lot more to this Report Builder; this is just the beginning. We hope you enjoy our latest creation and we hope it will help you be more productive than ever.

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