JobNimbus Update 1.9.5 Google Maps, Report Builder, Estimates and Invoices Templates

Just two weeks ago, we released v1.9.4 with a ton of features and improvements across the board. In JobNimbus v1.9.5, we’re bringing some features that many of you have been asking for.

Among many others, we’ve added full Google Maps integration to Jobs, Contacts, and the Calendar. Now you’ll be able to see right from JobNimbus where you need to be at all times.

We’ve also added the ability to save Estimates and Invoices as templates that you can use for similar future jobs and projects. In addition, we’ve completely rebuilt the Report Builder and have released a Beta version for you to start using. Please feel free to dig in and give us feedback.

JobNimbus v1.9.5 Release Notes:


New Report Builder [Beta] – We’ve completely redesigned the Report Builder to make it lightning fast, easier, and more customizable than ever. See our announcement for more info.
Estimate and Invoice Templates – Now you can save your Estimates and Invoices as templates to use with similar jobs with little to no editing required.
Google Maps Integration (User Request) – We’ve integrated with Google Maps. This works from individual job and contact records as well as from the calendar view so users can see where they need to be in a given day, week, or month.
Zip Code Auto-Fill (User Request) – Now when you add/edit a contact or job, you can add the zip code and JobNimbus will auto-fill in the City and State fields.
Hide Certain Tasks on Calendar (User Request) – You can now select which Task Types you want to show or hide on the Calendar. This includes syncing to Google Calendar.
Improved Google Calendar Sync – Now JobNimbus will include the job or contact address, contact info and description when syncing to Google Calendar.
Job Share Attachments (User Request) – We’ve added the ability for those you share a job with using Job Share to add attachments to the job.


Speed and Performance Improvements – We’ve made system-wide improvements to the app speed and performance overall, including faster loading, saving, and syncing.
Contact Details in Calendar (User Request) – When you click a task on the Calendar, the details popup now shows phone and email information.
Items Per Page – You can now select how many items per page are shown on a given report / grid.
Today Highlight – We’ve added a yellow highlight on the current day cell in the Calendar.
Description Field – The Description field on the Job add/edit popup has been moved to the bottom right.
Tags Field – We’ve moved the Tag field below the workflow and date fields on the add/edit dialog.
Login Page – Slight redesign on web login page.
Subscription Info – The info on the Manage Subscription page received a slight redesign to match the website.


Excel Attachments Icon – Attachments for .xls and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) files now show the correct preview icon.
Owners and Users – The Owners field will no longer allow selection of users who have been disabled for the account.
Overlapping Buttons/Menus – We’ve fixed any overlapping buttons and menus across the system.
Email Addresses in Notes – Emails with a decimal symbol in the username (Example: now link properly
User Calendar Refresh – When changing the Users in the drop down on the Calendar, the system performs an auto-refresh.

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