JobNimbus v1.9.4 Update

Hot on the heels of v1.9.3, comes this new update in which we continue to build out the many features of JobNimbus. We’ve been listening to your feedback, and it’s helped us make improvements and adjustments around the app that will help you to work faster and more productively.

One feature we hope will help our users, both new and experienced, is our new Quick Start Guide, which will appear when you first log in. This guide will give you a quick overview of JobNimbus and its features and might introduce you to a few features you may not have known about before.

On the productivity side, we’ve added Task Types; beefed up the Estimates and Invoices feature; made some tweaks and enhancements to Jobs and Contacts; plus we’ve given the Calendar and Activity Feed some very useful buttons and filters.

This is a big update, but here are some of the major features and improvements in JobNimbus v1.9.4:

  • Quick Start Guide. We’ve added a guide when you first log in to JobNimbus that gives an overview of what JobNimbus is and some of the main features included. You can access this menu at any time at the top left menu ‘Help’ option.
  • Task Types. This feature allows you to set Task Types when creating new tasks. You can set types, default names, and statuses, create tasks based on these types, and run reports for certain types of tasks.
  • Addresses for Jobs. You can now add addresses for a Job.
  • Improvements to Estimates and Invoices. We’ve added notes to Estimates. Also, the notes you add to Estimates and Invoices are added to the PDF versions when you download or send via email. We’ve also add the ability to duplicate Estimates, and contact or job addresses are now included on the PDF Estimates and Invoices.
  • Job Statuses can now be changed via the dashboard and other grids via the Action Menu icon.
  • Improvements to Task Screen. Tasks now have tabs for Overview (including Activity and Sub-Tasks) and Attachments.
  • Improvements to Google Calendar Sync feature. Now, if you remove Google Calendar Sync, you will have the option to also remove any tasks added to JobNimbus from Google Calendar and visa versa.
  • Option to Print Photos and other attachments. Now you can print photos and other attachments from JobNimbus. Just use the Action Menu, select Print, and choose what items you want to print out.
  • Improvements to Calendar. You can now view tasks grouped by user, making it a lot easier to see openings for appointments for multiple users. Also, have you ever used the calendar on your iPad? We’ve fixed the popup so you can now use this without problems! We’ve also fixed a bug for multiple-day tasks and added a refresh button.
  • Descriptions can be added to Contacts and Jobs.
  • Activity Feed Improvements. Now you can filter your Activity logs to only see what you want/need to see. You can also search for specific Activity items, and admins can now delete unwanted status changes from the Activity feed.
  • Updates to Owner System. Now if you change owners on a job or task, that user also becomes an owner of the related contact.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

Now, this is a huge list, but the craziest thing is that this is little under half of all the improvements made in this update. We’ve done a ton of improvements under the hood to make JobNimbus better, faster, ber, and more useful.

We have a lot more in store and we hope you enjoy what we’ve added. Please let us know if you want help with any features or setup and keep sending us feedback!

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