JobNimbus QuickBooks integration

One of our most requested features was QuickBooks integration. It is because of that, that we are proud to introduce this integration in our update to version 1.9.3 released last week.

In this post, we’ll talk a little bit of background on QuickBooks, plus we’ll show you how to easily set up the QuickBooks connection from your JobNimbus account.

A little background on QuickBooks

It makes sense that this was one of our most asked about features. Over 3 million businesses use QuickBooks to manage and track their finances. Not to mention, QuickBooks is particularly popular with the construction industry.

QuickBooks has two different versions: There is QuickBooks Desktop which is a Windows/Mac-based program that has the full functionality of QuickBooks, and there is QuickBooks Online which is a cloud-based application (much like JobNimbus) that can be accessed from any browser with an Internet connection.

QuickBooks Online does not have all of the functionality that is available in the Desktop edition. However, JobNimbus integration supports both desktop (PC) and online versions.

QuickBooks provides a way for 3rd party applications like JobNimbus to access QuickBooks data in behalf of customers and automate many time-consuming tasks. JobNimbus has integrated with QuickBooks so that JobNimbus customers that also use QuickBooks can eliminate duplicate entry of customer data and keep both systems in sync with one another.

Setting up syncronization from JobNimbus to QuickBooks

In order for JobNimbus to access your QuickBooks data, you must authorize JobNimbus to access it. This is a simple process that can be done by an Administrator JobNimbus user from the Account Settings. There is a new tab in Account Settings called “QuickBooks”. A simple step by step wizard will walk you through the steps of getting QuickBooks integration for JobNimbus set up.

QuickBooks Setup Step 1
QuickBooks Setup Step 1

QuickBooks charges you a fee to allow applications such as JobNimbus to access your QuickBooks data. If you have not already set up this fee on your JobNimbus subscription, then you will be prompted to add it as part of the QuickBooks set up process. The fee is $25 per month (per account, not per user).

Quickbooks Setup Step 2: Authorize
Quickbooks Setup Step 2: Authorize
QuickBooks Setup Step 3: Enabled
QuickBooks Setup Step 3: Enabled

Once QuickBooks is set up in JobNimbus, go to your Contact Status tab and enable contact syncing from JobNimbus to QuickBooks. When a contact goes into a status you have set to “Send to Quickbooks”, the contact’s information will automatically be added to your QuickBooks customer list. This removes any duplicate entry.

QuickBooks Setup Step 4: Send to QuickBooks
QuickBooks Setup Step 4: Send to QuickBooks

Once you have the data synchronized, if you change the contacts information in JobNimbus (such as editing the phone number or adding an address, those changes will be automatically synchronized to QuickBooks for you.

Version 1 of the JobNimbus QuickBooks integration provides this convenient contact synchronization to remove duplicate entry and allow QuickBooks and JobNimbus to work together. Future versions will provide invoice and estimate integration as well as budgeting and proposals so look for that coming soon as well.

Some important notes

Here are a couple of other things you’ll need to know about the JobNimbus QuickBooks integration:

  • JobNimbus is the master for all the contact information. It is a one way sync from JobNimbus to QuickBooks, so whenever you update any contact information, make sure to update the information in JobNimbus so that those changes are automatically synchronized for you to QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks doesn’t support some fields in their contact database that are supported in JobNimbus. Therefore, things like Tags, Website, and data information will not be synchronized from JobNimbus to QuickBooks.
  • If you syncronize a contact from JobNimbus to QuickBooks, then delete that contact in JobNimbus, we do not delete it in QuickBooks. This is because we don’t want to delete any of your financial information so we leave deletion of that contact record in QuickBooks to you.
  • When using QuickBooks Desktop, you have to start the Sync Manager under Online Services-> Manage Services -> Launch Intuit Sync Manager. You can use Manage Sync Settings to control the interval from every 5 minutes to every 24 hours. Sync Manager should automatically restart after reboots etc. but it has to be manually started the very first time.

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