JobNimbus v1.9.3 with QuickBooks and Google Calendars

The wait is finally over as we’ve updated JobNimbus to version 1.9.3 with some much anticipated features. For starters, we’ve added QuickBooks integration so it’s easier for you to track your contacts in JobNimbus with your financial information. We’ve also added full Google Calendar integration for tasks allowing for cross-syncing of tasks.

We’ve also gone in and made some convenient changes and enhancements to the app that will make it faster and easier to use. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this update, and we have more to come very soon!

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • QuickBooks Integration. You can now set a specific Contact status that will automatically push your JobNimbus contact information to your QuickBooks account and keep it updated. This removes the work of duplicate entry in QuickBooks and makes it easier to keep track of which finances in QuickBooks are associated to which customer to JobNimbus. See our tutorial for help.
  • Google Calendar Integration for tasks. To set up Google Calendar sync, head to your User Profile and hit “Enable Google Calendar Sync”. See our tutorial for help.
  • Calendar speed enhancements. We’ve given the Calendar a performance overhaul to boost speed.
  • Choose a color for your Calendar events. Now each user can choose a consistent color to represent their events on the Calendar, in the User Profile settings.
  • Report Improvements. We’ve improved reports to add options for using Lead Source as a report type, better filtering for My Sales Records, column for Owners, and more.
  • Decimals in Estimates and Invoices. Several of you have been looking for the ability to track quantities per square foot, etc. on Estimates and Invoices. Now you can add in any decimal value.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


Previous versions of JobNimbus:

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