Small Business organized with CRM software

Starting a new company is no easy task. The SBA (Small Business Association) in its latest report says that only 50% of all new start-ups are lasting past the first 5 years. This begs the question, which side will your small business be on?

Of course, we all want to be on the side of success, carrying our business ideas further and further into the future. So how do we do it? There are ways to increase the odds of a new business starting up, and one of the biggest is to get organized.

Organization is the Best Plan for Success

Organization brings focus. It brings needed information to the forefront that allows business owners to change the way they run their business to ensure growth and change in the right places. The best way to organize information is to put it into a place that is designed and set up to pick out custom fields (or identifiers) so that you can glean from that important info.

Finding the right mix of who is buying and what they are buying is a matter of measurable variables. What time of the year, what income level, what part of town, etc., are all things that can make a big difference in where time is best spent. Every widget and service is different.

Organizing Your Processes

Organizing can also define a process. It can keep leads warm. It can also keep customers happy. If a user is in sales and is making cold or warm calls, the ability to set reminders and not overlap appointments is essential to keeping a good relationship.

It is important to keep appraised as to the number or level of closure. Knowing where projects stand can help you to decide how to set priorities. Better processes make for happier customers. Having happy customers are what builds a successful business.

Staying Versatile

Versatility is another thing that is essential to organization. These days, only having access to customer information in the office can be a major handicap; one that can make a mess if things are double booked or resources are stretched thin. Having access to customer information and calendars at all times makes for good organization and looks good in front of a customer.

Sales aren’t about pitching products anymore. It is about building relationships and consulting with the customer to help them take their business to another level. It is about exceeding a customer’s expectations.

Getting organized can do that. It is the difference between, “Oh I forgot, let me put that on the calendar,” and “I have it scheduled for tomorrow, we will see you then.” It changes from reactive to proactive.

JobNimbus Can Help

If you need help taking your company to the next level through organization, talk to JobNimbus about their fully customizable CRM and Project Management system. The cloud-based system works on any platform and we are taking it mobile.

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