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As we’ve been demoing JobNimbus to potential customers and talking with our current customers (who are amazing, by the way), we’ve discovered something that we hadn’t necessarily planned for: JobNimbus rocks as a roofing contractor CRM.

I don’t mean to say we stumbled upon it by accident. We built JobNimbus specifically for contractors; that was always our target audience as we decided how to set up the software and what features to include. But having added the features and flow we have now, JobNimbus has become the perfect CRM for roofing contractors.

So what makes JobNimbus a good fit? Let’s take a look:

Keys to a Successful Roofing Contractor CRM

1. The Simplicity.

You know your trade and you know your business. So if a roofing CRM is supposed to make all that easier, you shouldn’t have to learn anything complicated to make that happen.

The problem these days is that the software out there is way too complicated. Even the instruction manuals need instruction manuals just to read them. We wanted to do things a different way.

When we built JobNimbus, our number one goal and the thing we knew we needed to get right for it to work was to make our JobNimbus the most simple CRM on the block. After months of brainstorming, building, testing, and trial, we think we’ve done it, and our users think so too.

We have so much fun demoing JobNimbus to roofing contractors because every feature we show them is exactly what they’re looking for. We hear a good portion of “oh wow” and “that’s perfect” during these demos to know that we’re doing something right. And none of those features would matter at all if JobNimbus wasn’t the simplest out there.

2. The Right Tools.

Since the dawn of time, man has found tools to help him do things better than he (or she) could do alone. Lucky for us, we live in a time with tools that are much more advanced than rocks and bones. Even now, the age-old hammer can be outmatched by some more modern technology that can get the job done faster and better.

Every roofer needs a set of good, solid, reliable tools to get the job done. In our day, Customer Relationship Management is one of those tools. In fact, roofing CRM software is more like a tool belt, holding a range of functions that can help roofers be more efficient. Some of these tools include: Contact Management, Estimating and Invoicing, Job and Task Management, Scheduling, Notifications, and Communication tools.

Having these to manage your office and the contractors and subcontractors out in the field are invaluable. You’d never leave to a job site without your tool belt, and you shouldn’t be without a roofing contractor CRM either.

3. The Right Flow: Yours.

The right CRM software for your roofing company isn’t going to be one that forces you to change your workflow to match its own. You know your company, your customers, and your workforce. You know what works best after years of trial and error. In fact, you’ve probably spent countless hours trying to figure out how to best take advantage and streamline your flow.

A software that cares about you won’t force you into anything different or make you change what you already proved works for you. If a software wants to help, it might suggest, but it should never obligate.

At JobNimbus, we believe that you know best. We will never force you to change your strategy. Instead, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to streamline your strategy and make it as efficient as possible.

The Right Roofing Contractor CRM for the Job

We believe that JobNimbus is the best roofing contractor CRM available and we invite you to try it out and see for yourself. Give us a call or sign up for a free trial and take it for a spin. If it isn’t the CRM you’re looking for, let us know what we’re missing and we can help make it even better.

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