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We’re very excited to announce that the latest update to JobNimbus CRM + Project Management Software is now live. This is a HUGE update with some highly requested features that are sure to not disappoint.

Sure to be a heavy-use feature for many is our new Estimating and Invoicing tool. You can create, add to, and edit invoices for a job or directly to a contact, then export it straight to PDF or email that PDF directly to a customer. Yeah, it’s that simple.

One big advancement for us is the charge towards full international support. For those of you based outside of the United States, or for those based here but have customers and partners abroad you need to track, you’ll be happy to know that international addresses are now accepted.

Here’s the full list of changes in JobNimbus version 1.9:

  • Estimating – Maintain a master product and service list with costs and prices. Build a line-item estimate from this master price list or create custom products and services while building the estimate. JobNimbus can then email the estimate to a client and track the status (draft, sent, approved, etc). You can also run reporting to see estimate profit per job.
  • Invoicing – Easily convert your estimates directly into an invoice, or create new invoices from scratch. You can email invoices to clients, track statuses, and run reports just like you can with estimates.
  • International Support – International addresses are now supported. This includes the ability to choose a Country, State/Province, and Zip/Postal Code for your contact addresses.
  • Attachments – Documents and Photos have been combined into a single Attachments tab and you can now add attachments directly to contacts.
  • User Activity – Track the JobNimbus activity of your users. This is useful for tracking the activity of your sales reps, production crew, or other JobNimbus users.
  • Related Contacts – Relating contacts to one another is now possible. This lets you keep track of employees at a company or any other type of relationship that’s important.
  • Clickable Links – Links that you add to notes or other activities are now clickable and will open in a new window. That’s for both website URLs and emails.
  • Updated Dashboard Look
  • 43 other improvements and bug fixes that make JobNimbus faster and easier to use.

And that’s just what we have done! We’re still working on some amazing things. In fact, we’re hard at work right now working on our native iPhone and Android apps, custom fields, multi-location, and more!

So what are you waiting for? JobNimbus version 1.9 is live and ready for you to try it out. Go ahead and give it a spin, let us know what you think, and what we could do better!

As always, if you have questions on any new features or would like to request any new features, contact us at any time.

Previous versions of JobNimbus:

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